Beauty Write For Us: Guest Post Contribute & Submit Post [2023]

kamran sharief

Beauty Write For Us: Experiencing beauty, whether in art, music, literature, or the natural world can move us emotionally and spiritually.

It reminds us there is more to life than just survival – we have a need for joy, awe and transcendence. Beauty allows us to appreciate the gifts of our senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, taste.

It awakens our childlike curiosity about the world. Beauty connects us to culture, creativity and imagination. It inspires passion, meaning and a sense of mystery in our lives.

Truly beautiful things have a timeless, universal quality about them.Beauty teaches us to pay attention, open our minds, and see things in new ways.

It helps us recognize and appreciate diversity. Beauty brings people together in appreciation of shared human experiences.

Though subjective, beauty gives pleasure and highlights what is best in the human spirit. Beauty soothes, excites, calms, energizes – it touches us emotionally, mentally and physically in positive ways.

Beauty Write For Us

How to Submit Your Editorials?

To submit your editorials emails us at

Why Write for Beingnaturalhuman –  Beauty Write for Us

  • Share your honest, human self through writing
  • Open up about hopes, struggles, values – this builds trust
  • Tackle topics like mental health, relationships, purpose – reduce stigma
  • Every person has a unique perspective – your voice matters
  • Remind readers of our shared humanity
  • Write from the heart, not perfection
  • Bring people together through authentic stories
  • Cut through noise – restore meaning in life
  • Celebrate diversity and individuality
  • Express your true self without filters
  • Validate others through raw, thoughtful writing
  • Reconnect with basic human needs – love, growth, purpose
  • Let your humanity shine through simple, honest writing

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Guidelines of the article- Beauty Write for us

  • Write from the heart. Share your honest thoughts and feelings.
  • Focus on inner beauty. Write about self-love, confidence, purpose, etc.
  • Be personal. Use your own stories and experiences.
  • Be authentic. Don’t hide your true self.
  • Write in the first person point of view using “I” and “me.”
  • Keep language simple, direct, and easy to understand.
  • Aim for 400 plus words. Shorter or longer is also acceptable.
  • Add details to bring your writing to life.
  • Be creative in your writing style – use metaphors and imagery.
  • Edit your work to fix mistakes before submitting.
  • Submit your article as a Google Doc or Word document.
  • Send your article to [].
  • Optional: Include 1-2 sentences about yourself.
  • Check our website for additional details.
  • Ask questions if you need any help!

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