4 Underrated Skincare Tips You Can Follow Today!


Skincare Tips: Surprisingly, having radiant skin is easier than most would have you believe.

Every year, all the top beauty companies release a new line of products that (according to them) will turn your dry, blemished epidermis into that smooth skin we all chase. By themselves, however, they’re little more than ineffective shortcuts.

Don’t get me wrong: beauty products get better each year, and they’re a necessary part of our skincare toolbox. But next-level skincare is, without question, all about self-care first and beauty products second.

Today, I’ll bring you the most underrated practices for achieving that healthy, gorgeous skin you’ve always wanted.

The best part? Most of these tips are fairly inexpensive to follow! Some might even challenge everything you think you know about skincare!

Without further ado, let me share with you my favorite, most underrated skincare tips!

IV Hydration Therapy

You might’ve heard about IV hydration therapy and how some of today’s top celebrities regularly incorporate it as part of their anti-aging and skincare routines. Adele, Kim Kardashian, and even Brad Pitt swear by IV nutrition and openly flaunt this revolutionary skincare hack in social media and interviews.

However, the truth is that IV nutrition services have been around for a very long time. Doctors regularly use IV nutrition to hydrate and feed patients who need a life-saving energy boost since it completely bypasses the digestive system. Unfortunately, our gut is rather inefficient at absorbing nutrients, and some people might even have sensitive bowels that can’t handle highly-concentrated nutrient pills.

IV hydration therapy instead delivers those nutrients and instantly hydrates your skin and body to perfection. Celebrities use these as last-minute glow-ups for big events, and so can you!

Next time you’re invited to a wedding (or need to attend a particularly fancy event), book an appointment with a certified integrative Doctor and get your last-minute glow-up with a standard IV hydration therapy session!

Do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Every Day

Stimulating the lymphatic system and helping it drain waste and toxins from your body will do wonders for your skin as well.

The lymphatic system runs parallel to our vascular system and transports lymphatic fluid from tissues to lymph nodes. Lymphatic fluid helps remove waste, excess fluid, and toxins from our body, and it’s essential for our body’s health.

With a simple massage, we can clear toxins below the skin surface, promote blood flow, prevent skin aging, and boost the skin purification process all at once!

Here’s how you do it:

First, massage the base of your neck in circular motions upward and slowly move towards your jaw and chin area. Move up to your face’s middle section with your finger’s pad, and gently work upward towards the lymph nodes around the ears. Keep applying very light pressure to stimulate lymph vessels below the skin, and make sure you stimulate your nose, eyes, glabella, and forehead as well.

This straightforward massage will gently move nutrients into the tissue and dramatically help with toxic drainage. It’s highly recommended you perform your lymphatic drainage massage right after you cleanse and before you start applying beauty products and cream.

Add Antioxidants and Healthy Fats to Your Diet

Antioxidants and free radicals wage a never-ending war in your body. Free radicals seek to stabilize at the cost of your healthy cells, and they’re constantly produced by our bodies as well as UV rays, cigarette smoke, chemicals, and run-off-the-mill pollution.

Thankfully, certain antioxidants defend your skin and prevent oxidative stress, and they’re fairly easy to add to your diet.

One of the most popular (and tasty!) antioxidants is salmon. Salmon keeps your skin moisturized, reduces inflammation, and helps your body regenerate its muscles thanks to its protein count. Coconut oil, avocado, green vegetables, and almond are also fantastic antioxidants and effectively protect your skin cells from nasty free radicals.

It’s also important to cut down on toxic, greasy food. Sugar-heavy and processed food also negatively impact your body and gut and effectively sabotage your skincare routine and efforts.

Sadly, most people splurge on the latest line of skincare and beauty products as a way to “negate” their poor diet (and the effect it has on their skin), and it never works. Free radicals are powerful, and it’s necessary to keep them at bay if you want your beauty products to take your smooth skin to radiant perfection.

Use Sunscreen Every Single Day

You’ve probably heard this already. It’s, after all, the foundation to every skincare routine: applying sunscreen on sunny days.

But I’m here to tell you that you should use it every single day. Even when it looks like you’re about to have a cloudy, breezy commute, you should always take time to apply your sunscreen before you leave the house.

However, I’ll go one step further: I’ll also recommend that you wear sunscreen indoor. Why? Because UV rays are everywhere, and your windows are not going to magically filter them!

You might think this is a bit excessive, but keep in mind that sun exposure is, by far, the largest contributor to advanced skin aging, hyperpigmentation, and overall cell damage. There is plenty of cheap yet effective sunscreen out there, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear it every day!

Last Words

Having an effective skincare routine is more than just splurging on the latest beauty products that top brands offer. I’d argue that 80% of it is about preparing your body for your arsenal of creams, masks, and vitamin C serum to push that last 20%.

With an antioxidant-first diet, proper hydration, handy sunscreen, and a therapeutic lymph drainage massage before you start applying your products, you’ll notice that your skin will glow from dusk to dawn!

You might even save a few bucks on products that you’ll find are no longer a necessary part of your routine. If you do, remember to treat yourself with that nice gift you put on your Amazon cart a month ago and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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