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Public Health Write For UsPublic Health Write For UsAbout Public Health

Public Health Write For Us: Public health aims to protect the health of the people, promote healthy lifestyles and improve the health and well-being of the people through programs for the promotion and protection of health and the prevention of disease.

  • In addition, the information, training, and skills necessary to improve the efficiency and delivery of medical services are provided. Besides, Public health contributes to knowledge through research and social and demographic sciences to the health problems of individuals and populations.
  • And also, it is the organized response of a society designed to promote, maintain and protect the health of the community and prevent disease, injury, and disability.
  • Further, It is the set of activities organized by public administrations, with the participation of society, to prevent diseases and protect, promote and restore the health of people in the territory or region. So, the involvement is both individually and collectively and through sanitary, sectoral, and transversal actions.

Hence, the fundamental objective is to achieve the highest physical, mental, and social well-being according to existing knowledge and resources.

Ten Greatest Public Health Achievements of the 20th Century

  1. Firstly, Vaccines
  2. Secondly, more safety in the car
  3. Further, Increased security in the workplace
  4. And also, fight against infectious diseases
  5. Reduced coronary heart disease mortality
  6. In addition, intake of safer and healthier food
  7. Healthier mothers and babies
  8. Family planning
  9. Fluoridation of drinking water
  10. Identification of the health risk posed by tobacco use

Ten Essential Activities to Create and Maintain Public Health

  1. Firstly, perform a community health diagnosis
  2. Secondly, prevent and control epidemics
  3. In addition, provide a safe and healthy environment.
  4. Further, evaluate the performance, efficiency, and results of health services.
  5. Promote healthy lifestyles.
  6. Perform laboratory tests
  7. Besides, offer local services and establish community partnerships
  8. Further, provide medical services
  9. And also, conduct scientific research
  10. Community mobilization for action

Basic Principles of Public Health

  • Public Health Write For UsFirstly, Involve the community in the project, in the initial phase of the project, to help define the study’s objectives and have a say in how the project is organized.
  • Secondly, Community partners must influence the direction of the project. They must have sufficient influence to ensure that the agreed goals, objectives, and methods are achieved.
  • In addition, Community members should be hired and trained to work on the project.
  • Further, the study processes and results must benefit the community.
  • So, Research has to develop and strengthen community resources.
  • Therefore, Community members should analyze and interpret the results and say how the results are distributed.
  • And also, the community should be allowed to express its interpretation of the data before it is released.
  • Besides, a productive alliance between a community and researchers must transcend the specific project.

So, the study results are more likely to be incorporated into community programs and provide the most significant benefit.

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