Signs That You Need Rehab for Substance Abuse

Rehab for Substance Abuse

Most people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse overlook the need to get help. Others feel that they are in control until they cannot handle it anymore. While people consume alcohol for different reasons, some take it as a mechanism for stress. However, alcohol and substance abuse is not the right approach when dealing with stress. Instead, it would help if you considered healthy stress-relieving remedies to get your way out. If you are struggling with drugs and substance use, you will likely be questioned if you need rehabilitation. Deciding and accepting that you need help with addiction is often challenging for many. So, how can I know I need rehab? What are the warning signs to look out for?

Consuming Excessive Amounts for the Effects to Kick in

When one begins alcohol and substance use, you will feel them intensely since you are not accustomed to the influence. However, the body starts to adapt over time, thus creating a tolerant environment. This means that you will need to drink alcohol or drugs regularly or increase the amounts to get the initial feeling. Taking high amounts of drugs or alcohol puts you at a risk of addiction. Therefore, it is best to get help from a reputable rehabilitation centre if you notice you have to take excessive amounts of substances to feel their effects.

Trying to Quit Unsuccessfully

Experts define addiction as a chronic illness usually marked by intense sessions of relapse and recovery. Whenever someone relapses or has an existing alcohol or drug use problem, they will need to recommit to abstinence in new ways to attain recovery. If you have tried stopping drug use or alcohol consumption unsuccessfully, this is a sign that you need help quitting from professionals. The good thing is that rehab offers a safe environment, stability, therapy, and medical attention crucial to this journey.

If you are Suffering Healthwise

Substance and alcohol abuse is often linked to an array of ill health impacts. Typically, each drug being abused will have its specific repercussions on your health. Addiction to drugs can take a toll on your health, resulting in various mental and physical health issues. Physical health problems can range from the most mild ones to fatal ones like cancer. On the other hand, you could experience mental issues since drug and alcohol intake impairs the normal functioning of the brain. Therefore, you could experience symptoms of psychosis, depression, anxiety, or agitation. In this case, it is best to seek help before it is too late.

You Experience Cravings

Seeking rehabilitation services can help you concur cravings, which include strong desires or urges to use a certain type of drug. When you develop addiction, the body experiences dependence on alcohol or drugs such that you cannot operate without taking it. If you experience withdrawal symptoms or craving for drugs, it is time to get rehab services. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to take inpatient rehab. Instead, your doctor may advise you to take outpatient rehab and schedule rehab clinic for follow-up.