6 Amazing Hair Care Hacks You Didn’t Know

Hair Care

Hair Care Hacks: We live in a world that gives a lot of attention to its own beauty. Everyone wants to look the best and when you can achieve it, it gives you self-confidence. Make-up is no more just restricted to the women in society but men are also fast catching up with specialized men’s makeup products.

According to a survey, “thirty-three percent of men aged 18-29 said they would consider wearing makeup, while another thirty percent of men ages 30-44 reported said they’d be open to the idea as well.” Isn’t this fascinating? Here as we talk about beauty, we shall specifically talk about something that concerns everyone including men and women of all age ranges, that is, your hair.

Though the world has experienced a good change, there are few unliked changes as well. The problems of hair fall, dandruff hair, etc. have become a lot prevalent in today’s times. TO help you combat that, we bring to you six amazing hair care hacks that actually have no side effects and does not require any extra effort at all.

1. Moisturizer before Pool Party

All of us up for pool parties. Ever wondered how to save your precious hair from the chlorinated water of the pool? Everyone must have thought about it and might have searched for a remedy to it, especially those with blonde or highlighted hair. Who wants to turn their highlighted hair into an ugly murky green color?

You just need to take a shower before getting inside the pool. Weird, isn’t it? But if you rub a moisturizing conditioner throughout your hair and leave it, the chlorinated water will not soak into your tresses rather your hair will be absorbing the nourishing and vital ingredients from the conditioner while you are in the pool enjoying it.

You will now have moisturized, less tangled, and easy to comb hair after your pool party.

2. Egg Mask

Eggs are always considered to be a really good and healthy element for one’s hair. Just crack a few egg whites into a bowl, apply it to your damp hair, and smoothly comb through. Done! The egg whites you just applied will make your hair a lot stronger, which will help it grow faster and it will avoid the ends to break off.

3. Mayonnaise Conditioner

Have you run out of an actual deep conditioner and are getting late for a party? What if you were told that there exists a fantastic substitute for the deep conditioner just a few steps away in your kitchen? Surprised? Mayonnaise is what we are talking about.

Yes! You just need to massage a generous amount of mayonnaise on your damp hair from the mid hair shaft and comb through to the ends. Make sure you focus on the oldest part of your hair; your hair ends and provides some extra care to it. Let the mayonnaise soak into your hair for around 20 minutes. You can wear a hair cap to avoid the mayonnaise mess on your house floors.

Wash your hair and style as usual. The result will astonish you with super glossy locks.

4. Aspirin Care

Were you aware that powdered aspirin if mixed in your shampoo can help your hair? Weird again, isn’t it? But every two weeks you can crush up one aspirin into your regular shampoo routine and lather up.

Powdered aspirin contains salicylic acid which helps banish dullness from your hair by clearing build-up, revealing healthy-looking hair.

5. Baking Soda – Dandruff Hair Hack

Hair dandruff is a common problem to all but is there any simple way to out? Try out baking soda as it exfoliates the scalp and prevents dandruff.

Just mix two tablespoons of baking soda with water to create a fine paste and coat your scalp with it. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off. Trust me, the result will blow your mind!

6. Dry Shampoo Magic

Have you run out of your dry shampoo at your place and are looking for an urgent alternative? Baby powder is what you need. Yes! You just need to pour a little bit of baby powder onto your hand or brush and gently rub it into your scalp at the roots.

The baby powder is really helpful in soaking up the excess oil and will leave your hair fresh to ensure that you don’t need an extra day to wash your hair.

So, these are a few amazing hair hacks you should surely try once in your life and if it works for you, do not forget to thank us. In addition to it, for the best hair care products, check out RPR Hair Care.