Essential Dabbing Accessories that You Should Know


Dabbing is common word in the smoking arena, and its legalization increased its popularity to a buzzword in many states. What are dabs? These are concentrated versions of the regular cannabis buds and flowers.

They are ideal for heavy consumers and offer a long-lasting effect. Are you starting on dabbing and don’t know the tools to acquire? There are multiple accessories that you need for a fun experience.

How will dabbing affect my health?

Dabs are highly concentrated cannabis doses that resemble hardened wax. They offer a quick and more intense high. However, dabbing is fun but poses some health risks. First of all, you risk burning yourself and others during extraction.

The high is very powerful and can raise your tolerance to cannabis. Moreover, you may experience some side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.

What do I need for a fun dabbing experience?

1. Enails&Rigs

There are many technological advances in the dabbing industry, and enails are some of the latest additions to the list of dabbing accessories. They are a modern way to heating the dabbing nail on the dab rig, and there are many enails for sale online.

What is an enail? These are short ceramic electronic nails made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz. They feature temperature controls and are used with dab rigs.

Enails are easy to heat up, and you can heat the enail to the desired temperature. However, you don’t have to heat the nail consistently or give it some time to cool down. These devices are ideal for anyone who dabs frequently.

2. Dab torch

You need a dab torch to heat your dab to the right temperature to vaporize your concentrates. While there are many torch types in the market, go for one designed for dabbing.

The torch should create a large flame output to heat the nail quickly and evenly. Also, when refilling your torch, use high-quality butane for optimal functioning.

3. Dab jars

Any serious dabber will tell you that dabs can be sticky and messy. To stay off the mess, store your wax in a silicone container to prevent wax from sticking.

It will make it easier to scoop your wax and avoid wastage. You’ll get such containers in different sizes and shapes, and it’s best to have different types. For instance, smaller jars would be ideal for travel, while larger ones are good for home use.

4. Dabber tool

Wax is very sticky, and you need a tool to help you place it in the heated nail. You’ll get most dabber tools in glass, titanium, and quartz materials; this is because they can come into contact with the hot nail without getting damaged.

Choose one that will pick up the concentrates with ease and hold wax firmly. There are many types of dabber tools in the market- and the choice is all yours.

5. Carb cap

A carb cap is an essential dabbing tool. It will come in handy if you’re a first-timer, and you need it to regulate temperature and airflow to the nail.

This allows you to vaporize the concentrates at lower temperatures and avoid wasting your dabs. Also, caps have an inbuilt dab tool, which eases the process.

In summary, you’ll get different dabbing accessories online. Acquire quality products and learn how to use them beforehand. This ensures your safety and avoids wastage of the dabbing concentrates.

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