4 Wardrobe Items To Wear This Summer


Wardrobe: You’re not ready for the summer if you don’t have each of these items in your wardrobe. It is essential to have the right clothing pieces to prepare you for anything that this summer has to throw at you. This list is minimalistic and can easily be expanded depending on your preferences.

Summertime is the perfect time to dress in layers and enjoy soaking up the sun. The beauty of layers is being able to custom craft your outfit through all stages of the day. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that your supporting articles highlight your statement piece. For inspiration look to Luli Fama this season.

Versatile Bikini Tops

Having the right bikini top is the first step in preparing your summer outfit. The style that you choose should be based on two key factors: level of support and potential tan lines. If your goal is to start your summer tan, definitely choose a minimalistic design like a bandeau or strapless bikini. Go in the opposite direction if you plan on engaging in water sports or aquatic aerobics. It never hurts to have more than one bikini top because the number of outfit combinations you can make will go up exponentially.

Minimalistic Bikini Bottoms

Minimalistic bikini bottoms of all shapes and sizes are hot this summer. Dare to share, without being bare this summer when you pick out a cheeky bikini or a Brazilian thong-style bikini. The smaller design is perfect for tanning, but keeps you covered where it counts should you decide to be active.

A Good One Piece

Everyone needs a good one piece swimsuit in their wardrobe. Whether it is for the beach, a festival, or a casual brunch, a one piece swimsuit can handle all tasks. For instance, with Luli Fama pieces, elegance can be layered in either direction, to dress up or down, your look almost instantly. More importantly, we all need variety and options to keep staleness at bay.  If you ever have a day where you feel bloated or question your two piece; it is important to have a backup ready and waiting.

The Perfect Cover Up

Tie your look together with the perfect cover-up. Cover-ups imply modesty with the name but can be used to bring a whole new level of sexy to your outfit. The proper combination of a cute swimsuit, skirt, and long, sheer cover-up can take you from fabulous to front cover ready. Consider a classic crochet style for the beach or an elegant romper for brunch.

Stack Your Wardrobe

Prepare for success and dress for the outcome you land upon by trying out Luli Fama, which you can find online. Properly stacking your wardrobe for a variety of events will help to prepare you for the summer season. Then, feel free to mix and match pieces to customize your look each week. Sporty, preppy, sexy, elegant; all of these styles can be in your wardrobe with this combination of four items. Properly layering your outfit will take you from one scenario to the next as your summer adventure unfolds.