How Can I Find a Trusted DNA Testing Center Near Me?

If you need to take a DNA test to determine if you’re the parent of a child, you’re probably wondering how to find a reliable testing site. Naturally, it’s easier to have the test performed if you can access a convenient location.

To find a site, you need to review the Internet first. Look at a company’s credentials. Find out what people have said about the business. You can glean a lot of insight by looking at the reviews alone.

Depending on your situation, you may also have a kit sent to you for home testing. In these cases, you don’t have to worry about the location, as you can do everything online.

Where Can I Find a DNA Testing Center Near Me?

Where Can I Find a DNA Testing Center Near Me

If you want to go into the lab or take a court-ordered or legal test, go to a DNA site and see where you can schedule a test. If you’re wondering where you can find a “DNA testing center near me,”  taking this approach is best. Check to see locations in your city and state.

When you visit a testing site, you’ll receive the results in approximately 3 to 5 days. This time frame also covers court-ordered paternity tests.

Does the Testing Site Follow Court-Approved Mandates?

When you’re searching for a testing site, you need to make sure the lab follows court-approved guidelines for testing and, again, is an accredited test site. You need to feel confident about where you’re getting the test before you book an appointment.

The test site you choose should also offer an array of test choices. It should show a total commitment to providing bona fide and credible test results. The most popular tests featured include home DNA tests, legal tests, half and full sibling testing, and the testing of grandparents to determine paternity.

The site should also provide aunt/uncle testing and DNA profiling. Again, they should show that they are committed to the full scope of tests used for DNA verification.

Ask the Following Questions

When combing the Internet for genetic test sites, you also need to ask specific questions. For example, it helps to determine your choice by asking the following:

  • Does the website of the DNA test company provide sufficient details about its pricing, services, and methods?
  • Does the company explain genetic variances when testing?
  • Does the test site make it clear about limitations for testing?
  • Is the lab certified and accredited, and if so, by whom?
  • Are tests FDA approved or meet US regulatory standards?

Therefore, before you find a testing center, it pays to do your due diligence. The site you select should offer quick and reliable results, a convenient location, and supportive data. Always consider the testimonials and comments of past customers and make sure you are familiar with the site’s total service offerings.

Make Sure You’ll Feel Confident with the Results

While it’s nice to find a site close to home to get a paternity test, you also have to make sure that the site is highly endorsed and that you’ll feel confident with the results.

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