Modern Technologies In Teeth Whitening: Analysis Of The Effectiveness And Potential Risks Of The Modified Philips Whitespeed

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening: Everyone wants their teeth to be white and beautiful. Just brushing with toothpaste, rinsing, and taking calcium every day is not enough. There is a procedure to whiten teeth whitening. And if earlier it caused serious harm to the enamel, despite the good result, today it is a fairly gentle, painless, harmless procedure that not only protects tooth enamel, but also strengthens it. Let’s take a closer look.

What Does Teeth Whitening With a Whitening Lamp Mean?

Modified bleach lamp involves a procedure using cold light. What does this mean. First of all, the procedure does not affect the gums, which is a plus, since the gums are very sensitive. In addition, the technology according to the Philips Zoom 4 is painless, comfortable. In this case, the sensitivity of the teeth is minimal, in addition, the intensity of the lamp can be adjusted without interrupting the process.

How does whitening occur?

  1. First of all, the doctor carries out professional teeth cleaning, since there should be no excess, including food, or plaque.
  2. The next stage is to isolate the gum mucosa so that ultraviolet radiation does not reach it.
  3. A gel containing 25 percent hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth themselves. Peroxide begins to actively release oxygen, it destroys dark pigments.

As a result, in one session, teeth can be lightened by several tones, by 8. Sometimes it can be whitened by 11 tones.

When do experts advise using this technique?

Permanent use of a bleach lamp indicated in case of natural darkening of the enamel. In this case, experts strongly advise applying the method in practice zoom 4. This technique also allows you to remove age-related changes.

Also, bad habits. For example, frequent consumption of coffee leads to darkening of the enamel. Nicotine also has a negative effect on teeth.

Advantages And Effectiveness Of The Upgraded Lamp Procedure, Comparing The Zoom 4 And Zoom 3 Techniques

Let’s consider the main advantages of the zoom 4 technique over zoom 3.

  1. Zoom 4 contains a more gentle amount of hydrogen peroxide. It does not destroy tooth enamel, but the presence of calcium, on the contrary, strengthens it.
  2. The two-component gel has a fairly soft composition.
  3. The ultraviolet lamp works using a cold color, as a result the enamel does not heat up, and the person does not experience painful or uncomfortable sensations.
  4. Most often, one session is enough, which lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The effect is long-lasting, at least 4 years. If you listen to your doctor and follow all the recommendations, the whiteness of your teeth can last even longer.

Modern system  zoom whitespeed Quite effective and safe.

In order to hack the limitation of the bleach lamp, it is advisable to purchase an endless whitening chip.

The bleach-infiniter chip removes the limitations of the bleach lamp, thereby helping the clinic acquire more clients.

The Main Advantages Of Our Clinic

We employ professionals who know their business well, they can carry out whitening using the system without any problems hacking Philips Zoom Lamp. We have affordable prices for services, and we know how to find an individual approach to each client. Ordering services from our clinic is very simple. There are several proven methods. First of all, this is a call to the number that is on the website. You can also leave a request online, the manager will definitely call you back soon. On the website you can also immediately see the prices for our professional services.

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