A Beginners Guide To Crossfit: Understanding the WOD


Crossfit is one of the most popular types of exercise around right now, with new Crossfit gyms opening up all over the country. But what exactly is Crossfit and what does it involve?

CrossFit is a high-intensity, competitive fitness regimen that combines weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics in a variety of challenging workouts. If you’re interested in trying out a CrossFit gym for yourself but aren’t sure where to begin, we have some useful tips for you!

In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about CrossFit WOD so that you can decide whether or not it’s something you want to try.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity, competitive fitness regimen that combines weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics in a variety of challenging workouts.

The idea behind CrossFit is that you do a variety of exercises that focus on improving your full-body strength, fitness, and health. This is done through a mix of aerobic exercise, bodyweight exercises, and lifting weights.

CrossFit workouts are designed to be done at high intensity which means you should be pushing yourself as hard as you can during each exercise. The workouts are also designed to push your body to its extreme. This helps you build strength and fitness at a quicker rate than if you were doing regular weight training.

CrossFit is also extremely varied when it comes to the exercises used. You will rarely do the same workout twice, which keeps things interesting and means that you don’t get bored. Every single day at a CrossFit gym like Angry Chicken Fitness will be different from the last!

What Kinds of Exercises Are Included in CrossFit?

What Kinds of Exercises Are Included in CrossFit

Depending on the intensity of the CrossFit WOD, you will be performing around 3-4 different kinds of exercises in each workout. The exercises change every day and are determined by the coach at the gym.

The goal is to make sure that you are always being challenged and that your body is constantly being pushed to the limit.

Some of the most general exercises that you will come across in a CrossFit workout include:

  • Squats – These are very common exercise that is found in most CrossFit workouts and gyms. Squats are a full-body exercise that targets your glutes, quads, hamstrings, lower back, and core.
  • Push-Ups – Push-ups are another very common exercise that you will find in a CrossFit workout. Push-ups are an upper-body exercise that can be challenging for many people. However, there are different variations of push-ups that you can do so that you don’t get bored.
  • Deadlifts – Deadlifts are a full-body exercise that will challenge every single muscle in your body. Deadlifts are a compound exercise that will help you to build strength in your hamstrings, quads, glutes, core, and back.
  • Olympic Lifts – Olympic lifts are a special type of weightlifting exercise that is popular in CrossFit gyms. Olympic lifts work your whole body, but they are special because they are done while you are bending over.
  • Pistols – Pistols are a special type of leg exercise that is done while standing on one leg. Pistols are very challenging and can be done in many ways.
  • Swimming – Swimming is a full-body exercise that is great for your heart and for improving your overall fitness.

The Bottom Line: Is CrossFit Worth It?

When CrossFit first came onto the fitness scene, it was a breath of fresh air for many people. It offered a unique way for people to exercise that wasn’t like any other program available at the time.

And, it also came with some pretty impressive results! People noticed that not only did they have more energy, but they also lost weight and felt healthier than ever before.

Some people like to use CrossFit for weight loss, and others use it as a way to increase their overall fitness.

No matter what your reason for exercising is, it is likely that you will see positive results with CrossFit WOD. This is because it is such a varied exercise program that it is impossible not to work out all of your muscles and lose some weight in the process.

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