6 Online Fitness Certifications You Need to Enroll In

Online Fitness Certifications

The health and fitness industry continues to be a high-revenue, large-demand industry. In fact, many gyms and fitness centers are having difficulty finding and keeping qualified instructors. On top of that, with the wide variety of specialized classes available, many health clubs are unable to offer a number of them.

When you take into consideration the differences in client goals (lose weight, build muscle, train for marathons), age groups, group speciality training, and others, it becomes clear why there is a shortage of educated instructors.

Internet classes provide you with the perfect opportunity to expand your expertise as well as your health and wellness portfolio. There are a number of quality instructional websites where you can study and test now.

Here are 6 specific online fitness certifications that are in high demand:

Youth Fitness Training Certification

Between the obesity epidemic in the country, today and the fact that we have the highest child obesity rate in the world, youth fitness classes are in high demand.

However, there are many things that a training expert needs to know about youth-specific movements and exercises. Some workouts that are OK for adults may not be suitable for the still-developing muscles and tendons of a younger person.

Senior Fitness Instructor Certification

On the other end of the spectrum from youth training, you have senior fitness specialities. Older and elderly people also have unique requirements in their exercise programs and routines.

Online fitness certifications allow you to cover, in-depth many of the specialized techniques used to help keep seniors living healthy, full lives well into their later years.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Certification

HIIT is one of the most admired forms of exercise in the fitness industry. And unlike some come-and-go fads of the last couple of decades, this one has the science and the support to stay around permanently.

It is a highly effective, combination workout and it produces fantastic results when performed properly. That’s why online fitness certifications for interval training are so important.

Master Personal Trainer Certification

If you are all set to take your craft to the highest level, master classes are the way to go. By becoming a top-end trainer, you will gain in-depth knowledge of resistance and cardio training, nutrition, techniques, and other elite fitness strategies.

Master Health & Wellness Coach Certification

This online fitness certification teaches you the latest self-care techniques, holistic nutritional strategies, and lifestyle fitness activities. It’s for trainers and experts who like to help their clients with more than just their physical fitness.

Master Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor

Bootcamps and other group fitness classes are surging in popularity as well. Learn multi-station circuit training techniques, along with several group training and motivational strategies. This will allow you to work with multiple clients at one time.

Other Notable Online Fitness Certifications

There are many other types of training specialities and niches that may appeal to you. Perhaps you are interested in cycling or sport-specific training to focus on individual clients. Becoming a competitive bodybuilding coach is highly exclusive expertise.

You could develop a non-resistance niche through a combination of stretching, yoga, and Tai Chi. Whatever you decide on, getting educated and certified is the next step.

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