Easiest 7-day Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Losing weight is essential – not only to look good but on health grounds as well. As per WHO, around 650 million people in the world suffer from obesity!

Different people may have different reasons regarding weight loss. So, if you want to lose weight, you first need to find your ‘why’. But that’s not it. You also need to find your ‘how’.

To lose weight, assessing your daily calorie intake is the first thing that you must do. That is, what you eat and how much you eat. You can hit the gym, lift weights, walk a thousand steps or do your exercises regularly and still witness no change in your weight if your diet and calorie intake are improper.

To help you, we have created a list of some foods that you must eat during your diet followed by the easiest 7-day diet plan that will help you achieve a healthy, fit body in today’s busy and hectic life.


When planning your daily food intake, protein plays a major role. At least 30% of your daily macros or your daily calories need to be in the form of protein. Eggs can be your primary source of nutrition for fulfilling this requirement.

My personal recommendation is that you must include eggs in your first meal for the day. They are high in protein, easy to procure, and very inexpensive. And of course, if you know how to cook, the taste is exemplary!

Brown Rice, Quinoa

The reason why we included grains like Rice and Quinoa in the list is that they are high in fiber, which is extremely essential for our body. Obviously, they contain carbohydrates in generous amounts, but there is no running away from it. About 50% of our daily calorie intake includes carbohydrates.

But here’s the bigger picture – if you consume these grains in healthy quantities, then you not only gratify your carb-requirement but also enjoy many benefits of fiber. So, try including healthier carbs like brown rice or quinoa in your diet and munch on them in controlled quantities.

Greens and veggies

We definitely discussed ‘macros’ but let’s not deny – ‘micros’ are equally important! Whether you like them or not, greens and veggies absolutely go a long way in helping you attain a fitter, leaner body.

You are sure to witness enhanced results if you have the seasonal greens in generous quantities, especially the leafy vegetables.


Starting your day with fresh fruits is not just a tasty start, but a healthy one as well. Fruits like bananas and apples keep you full for longer periods and are nutritionally very rich as well. The best you can do is have your first meal of the day, that is your breakfast, as raw as possible. That means, in the form of fresh fruits.

Pulses and beans

Again, sparing a thought to your daily protein requirement! Most people put on weight because they fail to meet their daily protein needs. Pulses and beans, like kidney beans, chickpeas, etc., that are easy to procure and cook can help you fulfill it. Getting leaner just got tastier!

Healthy fats

Healthy fats from nuts and dry fruits like peanuts, avocado, cheese, egg yolk, and more are also important. Again, around 20% of your daily calories must be fats, so make sure you choose healthy sources of procuring them. If you are a vegan, swap those egg yolks with soy chunks or tofu.

Now that you know the kinds of food that you must consume during your diet, here’s a daily meal plan to ensure fast results.

Daily meal plan

  • 8 am Breakfast – 2 bananas, 1 apple, a handful of blueberries (seasonal fruits), and scrambled eggs.
  • 11 am – Bowl of Greek yogurt with chunks of fruits.
  • 1 pm: Lunch – Rice (preferably brown rice), chickpea stew, and a bowl of vegan salad.
  • 3 pm- Any fruit, like Oranges or Sweet Lime.
  • 6 pm: Snacks – Vegetable stew with a lot of leafy and seasonal veggies.
  • 8 pm: Supper – If you are not a vegan, you can consider salmon, shrimps, or roasted chicken. For vegans, a small spoon of rice with your favorite dish should suffice.

Over to you…

Losing weight is always a personal choice rather than a clinical need. Here, we cited a very basic version of how your diet plan should look like and the dos and don’ts regarding weight loss. If you want a more customized and personalized plan, you can explore Sweet As Honey. Along with some diet tips and tricks, they also help you learn some lip-smacking diet dishes.

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