How A Deep Tissue Massage Breaks Up Muscle Knots

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy is an essential therapeutic intervention that can help individuals struggling with chronic pain physically or emotionally. As a somatic therapy, the massage therapists encourage body sensations as knots untangle themselves during a deep tissue massage. Those who absorb their stress and tension in areas like the lower back, the neck, and shoulders will benefit the most, as these areas target difficult knots using specific movements that are slower and applied with greater pressure than other techniques.

The massage therapist will use their fingertips, hands, forearms, and elbows to create a deep tissue massage that breaks up knots inside the body. Inform your massage therapist of areas where tension resides so they may focus on these areas. Ensure you are drinking enough water following your deep tissue massage to stay hydrated and flush out these metabolic byproducts from deeper layers of the body.

Massage therapy has been used to address illness and chronic pain for thousands of years. Used both as a relaxation and stress reduction method, massage therapy can remove pain, assist with blood pressure management, alleviate symptoms of depression, etc. To learn more about these techniques, get in touch with Deep tissue massage in Lexington, Ky, and continue reading.

Get Your Deep Tissue Massage In Lexington KY

Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective techniques to reduce pain. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, deep tissue massage breaks up muscle knots in the tissue in ways that other massage techniques are not capable of. This is because of the targeted approach that deep tissue massage uses to break up body tissue so that the muscle knots are released, allowing blood circulation to flow more freely throughout the body. Deep tissue massage Lexington Ky, focuses on relieving circulation that is stunted so that inflammation and pain go down, as do swelling and symptoms of stress associated with the physical systems.

A deep tissue massage in Lexington Ky breaks up tissue, allowing for better lymphatic drainage and circulation to flow, giving you a reduced sense of tightness and improving your range of motion in the targeted areas. You may notice that your blood pressure and heart rate go down during or following your deep tissue massage. These effects are due to serotonin production that begins during deep tissue massage. In many cases, chronic pain and tightness result from scar tissue you may not know was there.

Deep tissue massage in Lexington, Ky, also uses techniques that loosen tightened muscles locked in by toxins. One of the reasons that deep tissue massages are recommended for injured athletes is that it fights muscle fatigue and eradicates muscle soreness before it has time to develop further.

Eliminate Chronic Pain With Massage Therapy

You can relieve yourself from the pain of tight muscle knots by getting a Deep tissue massage in Lexington Ky that targets pained areas in the body. Schedule your massage appointment today to benefit from the physical and mental benefits of deep tissue massage!