How To Clean Dry Herb Vapes… and Why?

Clean Dry Herb Vapes

How To Clean Dry Herb Vapes and Why – A good vape will continue to work efficiently only if maintained well. But for many, “maintaining” a Vaporizer for dry herbs seems either too troublesome or altogether unnecessary. So, we spoke with experts and had them give us their two-cents on vape cleaning and maintenance. Here’s what you should do, and why.

Step By Step Guide For Vape Maintenance

1. Understand Vape Oven Capacity

Before we head onto the “cleaning” tips for vapes, let’s begin with the very core of how a vape works— its oven. Residue from each draft that doesn’t get taken out will build up over time. This may seem harmless, especially because said herb build-up transpires almost unnoticed. Thus, they are easily ignored.

But these pieces of residue will inadvertently affect the following weed drafts to come. They pass through the same convention and/or conduction process (depending on the type of vape you own) and are subjected to repeated applications of vaporization.

This brings us to number 2.

2. Flavor And Vaporization Capacity

The flavour of dry herbs is at its peak when you take a hit off them the first time around, also you can buy Vaporizer for dry herbs from online stores. Furthermore, after that round, they’ll turn stale and may even have a scent that’s closer to that of burnt grass that fresh marijuana.

Herb residue will greatly affect the aroma of the next batches of herbs you use. At the same time, these leftovers can prevent their fresher cousins from being completely vaporized.

3. The 10-20 Rule

It is recommended that vapes be regularly cleaned after every 10 to 20 sessions of use. Our take on this? Go for 10. Waiting until the 20th session will make it more difficult for you to really manoeuvre into the nooks and crannies of the vape, and get rid of the gathered residue. The excesses will have already accumulated thickly at this point.

4. Brush And Wipe (While The Vape Is Warm)

Now comes a practical tip for cleaning the chamber. First, remember that it’s best to clean the vape’s oven when it’s still a tad warm. In other words, not long after you finish up with a batch of greens, empty it of large debris immediately.

Secondly, use a small cleaning brush with mid-to-firm bristles to extract the remaining detritus.

Finally, once you inspect the chamber and conclude that it’s close-to-impeccable, pour a few drops of medical-grade, skin-safe alcohol (i.e.isoprophyl) on a q-tip to disinfect the oven further. Leave it as is for a few minutes and let the alcohol dry fully before covering the chamber with its lid.

***If you don’t have sanitizing alcohol available, warm water is the ideal alternative. You’ll just have to ensure that you wipe the chamber dry, as water does not evaporate as quickly as the first.

5. Mouthpiece Submerging

It might be challenging to clean the vape mouthpiece because of its size. And q-tip wiping its interior may not be enough to warrant sterilization, for your safety and to eliminate residue. In this case, submerge the entire mouthpiece in the same types of liquid mentioned above: warm water, isopropyl alcohol, or a solution of both.

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