How To Blend CBD Vape Oil And Terpenes?

CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape pens and terpenes are popular these days. Everyone is ranting about the various benefits they offer. Individuals use CBD vape juice terpenes for insomnia and a variety of other health concerns. CBD vape oil and terpenes are effective on their own, but there is a way to enhance these benefits further. Users have figured out that if you blend CBD vape oil and terpenes, the benefits of taking CBD can increase drastically. The best thing is that anyone can make this blend and benefit from it. Let us see how you can blend CBD vape oil and terpenes.

CBD Vape Oil

What is CBD Vape Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is present in hemp and cannabis plants. Manufacturers use this compound to make many products like oils, tinctures, capsules, gummies, and even vape liquid. CBD vape liquid can be consumed by vaping. When you use CBD vape liquid, you can experience the benefits of consuming CBD while enjoying vaping. Due to this, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of CBD vaping. There are various benefits of CBD oils that you can experience, such as relieving anxiety, depression, managing pain and inflammation, and several other benefits. No CBD product on the market can have more than 0.3% of THC due to legal requirements. Due to this, any CBD vape juice that you will use will not get you high. Since CBD vaping allows you to experience the benefits of vaping CBD without any of the unwanted adverse effects of using cannabis.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the naturally occurring compounds that are present in the bud of the cannabis plant. Terpenes are entirely natural, and they enhance the benefits of consuming CBD. When CBD oil is infused with terpenes, the effects of consuming CBD are more pronounced due to the ‘entourage effect.’ Essentially, when more natural elements of the plant are present in the CBD product, the experience will be much stronger and more enjoyable.

How Can You Blend CBD Vape Oil and Terpenes?

Mixing CBD vape oil and terpenes might sound complicated. However, it is something that you can do at home. The process is not that complicated, and you will be able to figure out the entire process in just a few minutes. Before we learn how to mix CBD vape oil with terpenes, we need to understand a few factors. The first thing is that buying high-quality products is extremely important if you want to mix them. Since the CBD market is unregulated, you can never be too sure if you are purchasing your products from an unrecognized brand. When experimenting with mixing two products, the safest option is to go for the highest quality products to minimize any associated risks and maximize potential benefits.

Many high-quality terpenes are available in oil form, and CBD products are also available in oil form. If you want to mix your CBD oil with terpenes, you can do so quite easily. However, figuring out the exact measurements can be slightly tricky. Taking the measures is a sensitive issue, so you need to know what is in your product. When you purchase your terpenes and CBD vape oils from reputed brands, you will always have the ingredient information available to you. This information is available on the product pages, and it is also present on the product labels. When mixing CBD oil and terpenes, you need to be aware of the exact composition of your products so that you can make the necessary calculations accurately.

CBD Vape Oil

The density of the terpenes that you have is also a relevant factor to consider. For example, ten drops of terpenes might only add up to 0.25 grams in some situations, whereas in other cases, the same ten drops of terpenes might weigh 0.75 grams. Therefore, you must not measure terpenes by drops. Instead, you should always measure terpenes using grams or using millimeters. Another critical parameter that you should be aware of is how much percentage of terpenes should be present in cannabinoid products. In no case, your CBD vape oil should contain more than 15% of terpenes by weight. In most products available in the market, the end products contain anywhere between 2 to 5% of terpenes by weight. Any concentration under 2% might be too little, and you might not experience any aroma or flavoring benefits that you desire. Similarly, on the other hand, if your product contains more than 5% of terpenes, then the flavor and aroma effects might be too overwhelming for you.

The terpenes that are available in the market can either be natural or synthetic. If you want to have an entirely natural and authentic experience, you should only use natural terpenes for making your mixture. You should know that it is impossible to replicate the naturally occurring terpenes adequately. So, the artificial terpenes available will not be effective, and the only benefit of using them is the reduced cost. Using natural terpenes and natural CBD vape oils will help you maximize the benefits of your experience, and it will also help you minimize any possibility of adverse effects.

If you operate within the given range of terpenes percentage, you can experiment and pick whatever works best for you. CBD and terpenes work differently in different people, so the same concentration might not be ideal for everyone. The ideal terpenes percentage is something that you will figure out over time. It is crucial to ensure that these factors are in check and not overboard with mixing terpenes with your CBD vape oils.


Mixing terpenes with your CBD vape oil can be a great way of enhancing your experience. Many users do so daily and can experience the benefits of both CBD and terpenes more effectively. Adding naturally occurring terpenes to your CBD vape oil will improve the aroma, flavor, and advantages of the CBD vaping experience.

However, you need to be cautious that adding just one or two drops of concentrated terpenes will suffice in most cases. Always keep in mind factors such as the size of the vape cartridge and the density of your terpenes.

In some cases, even a single drop of terpenes might be too much if the vape cartridge is small. If you are unsure of mixing terpenes with CBD vape oil, it is better to get some help rather than do it yourself. The most important thing to consider throughout the entire process is that you should keep yourself safe by staying within the prescribed limits.

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