Vitamin E – Definition And Its Benefits For The Skin And More

Vitamin E – Definition And Its Benefits For The Skin And More

Definition Of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient present in many foods. In the body, it acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are compounds that form when the body turns the food we eat into energy.

People are exposed to free radicals in the environment from cigarette smoke, air pollution, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The body also needs it to stimulate the immune system. So it can fight the bacteria and viruses that invade it.

It helps to dilate blood vessels and prevent blood clots from forming inside. Also, cells use it to interact with each other and to perform many essential functions.

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Benefits Of Vitamin E

Benefits Of Vitamin E

It is a group of antioxidant vitamins that trap free radicals that cause damage to skin cells. For this reason, many topical creams make it on your ingredient list. Foods provide the amount of it that we must take for good health. That contains a good dose of it, except in cases where there is a deficiency.

At GrupoStop, we want to take care of your skin and help it always look its best. It is the reason that we are going to explain the benefits. To the skin in a clear way and thus dispel some myths about it.

Vitamin E For Blemishes

Vitamin E For Blemishes

There is a widespread belief that using it to remove spots on the face or body helps remove them. The theory may be useful since its antioxidant properties make it an ideal candidate for it.

Its effectiveness has not demonstrated. On the other hand, some studies prove the efficacy and benefits of it to combat the effects of sunburn. It helps to renew damaged skin tissues.

Thus, combined with vitamin C, this is an excellent formula to counteract the effects of overexposure from UV radiation. If you have noticed, sunscreen creams also usually carry this vitamin, and that, combined with vitamin C and melatonin.

It creates an efficient barrier against the sun’s rays that allows you to protect your skin perfectly. For example, we use it to prevent hyperpigmentation after each laser hair removal, hydrating, and repairing the skin.

Also, to act as a skin barrier. Discover the properties of our post-depilatory gel here for more information. You want to sunspots or scars. There are many more efficient options, such as dermabrasion, laser technology, and chemical peels.

Vitamin E For The Face

Vitamin E For The Face

The benefits of it for facial skin are quite similar to those mentioned above. For example, there is a belief that it for acne is efficient. However, there is insufficient evidence to show that this is the case.

Its effectiveness can reduce to avoid sunspots when suffering from this skin disease—proper facial hygiene. The use of antibacterials is the best formula to eliminate acne and blemishes consistent face without risking your health.

This for the face is not useful for diseases such as eczema. But it has been shown that applying it to the epidermis can create skin reactions such as skin dermatitis.

Vitamin E For Stretch Marks

The claim on some web pages that this vitamin promotes the regeneration of damaged skin. It has caused many people to use it ampoules for stretch marks. In the first instance, we must emphasize that it contraindicate in pregnant or lactating women.

It is highly relevant to consult a doctor before applying it to any other part of the body. Also, as in the cases, there are no conclusive studies on the benefits of it for stretch marks. A condition in which circular lesions appear in various parts of the body that do not produce itching. They are making it possible to confuse this condition with stretch marks.

In any case, the topical application of this must combine with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

To Apply (Or Not) Pure Vitamin E

After confirming the above, you must now decide whether to apply it on the skin or not. Although it indeed has benefits, these are already given by the foods that carry it, as we will see later.

The one that is currently on sale called tocopherol. Its ingredient used in wrinkle creams regularly for its antioxidant properties. Although in the right amount, it is harmless. The application of pure vitamin E in the form of oil or capsules can be harmful to health.

You should know that 1,000 mg naturally and 670 mg synthetically is the maximum you can take daily. Otherwise, there is a risk of diluting the blood excessively. Thus, the intake of pure vitamin E is recommended only in cases.

There is a medically proven deficiency or in people suffering from ataxia. On the other hand, the benefits of it for the skin are more enjoyable through foods rich in it.

Highest Amount Of Vitamin E

Here is a list of the products with the highest amount of vitamin E.

Wheat Germ Oil

Add a tablespoon of this oil to season vegetables or pasta to get 20 mg of vitamin E. It natural supplements for the health of your skin.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Use 100 grams in your salad to get the recommended daily amount of vitamin E.
Adult-use 15 mg.



Another great source of vitamin E is avocado since, with half, you can get 2.1 mg of vitamin E. Please take it in your Tupper with a salad or a sandwich for mid-morning. It’s that easy!

Red Pepper

Use red pepper in your casseroles; add it to your salads or eat. It on the grill to enjoy the benefits of vitamin E for the skin.


The turnip is also another food that will help you keep your skin healthy without resorting to supplements. In summary, although many creams on the market use vitamin E as an antioxidant for the skin. The best way to keep it healthy and beautiful without putting your health at risk is with food.


Vitamin E is an integral part of the skin antioxidant defenses. Oral supplementation with only vitamin E may not offer sufficient safety for the skin. Vitamin E is obtainable commercially as a range of artificial derivatives.

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