Things You Should Know About CBD Products

CBD Products

In the US, 33% of adults have tried CBD once or more. In fact, 22% of them have liked CBD so much that they’ve supplemented or replaced their prescription and over-the-counter medications.

While it’s definitely not a miracle cure, CBD does have its benefits. And many people have seen their quality of life improve after starting CBD.

If you’ve been curious about it, or are now interested in using CBD, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to see four things you should know about CBD products.

1. It Won’t get You High

You might’ve heard that CBD comes from hemp and marijuana plants, so you might assume that you’ll get high from these products. However, the good news is, you’ll get practically all the same benefits of using marijuana, but without the psychoactive effects!

This is because it comes down to CBD vs. THC. THC is the cannabinoid in marijuana that makes you feel giddy and euphoric, along with other health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and treating anxiety symptoms.

CBD has the same effects, but no pesky high. So you won’t have to worry about being cognitively impaired.

2. It’s Federally Legal

Technically, not all CBD products are federally legal. However, thanks to the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, all products made from hemp plants are completely legal.

So if you live somewhere where weed isn’t legalized yet, or you don’t feel comfortable since it’s not federally legal, you can turn to CBD instead. As long as you purchase CBD that’s made from hemp plants, you’re all good!

3. There are Different Kinds of CBD Products

When people say “CBD,” you’ll most likely think of tinctures or oils. But the reality is, there are many other products you can use if you don’t like these things.

For example, there are gummies and capsules if you want to take CBD orally. These are more discreet too. There are also topicals you can use for things like muscle pains and headaches.

You can even purchase CBD flowers to smoke or vape. If you’ve already got the rig for weed, then this is an easy route to go.

A relatively recent addition to the market is CBD-infused kinesiology tape that combines the advantages of traditional athletic tape with the therapeutic properties of CBD.

Athletes are especially interested in these K-tapes because of their distinct benefits. Many brands have realized the value of including natural herbs like CBD in their tape formulations. SummaForte KT tape is one example, known for its effective and customizable features that provide comfort without restricting motion.

4. There are Products for Pets

Considering that our furry companions have many similar health issues to ours, is it such a surprise that there are CBD products for pets too?

Many companies have seen the success humans have had with CBD, and they’ve expanded to pet products too. So if you’ve got an ailing canine, you can get the best CBD treat for dogs to help.

Both you and your pet can reap the benefits of CBD, so long as you do your research. Like with human CBD products, you need to ensure you’re receiving something of high quality, so you don’t harm your four-legged friend.

Give CBD Products a Try

If you’ve been curious about CBD, then it’s time to give it a go. CBD products made from hemp plants are completely legal, so you can have peace of mind by going that route.

Plus, there are several types of products available, including ones for pets. So there’s a whole world of CBD waiting for you!

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