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Maintaining Pet Safety During Pest Control In Your Home


Having pests in your home is annoying, but dealing with them is also a challenge, especially if you have pets at home. Some of the chemicals used during pest treatment can cause severe health complications or even death of humans as well as animals. So, if the exterminators are not aware that there are pets in the house, they can use toxic chemicals that may harm your four-legged friends if inhaled or ingested. Some extermination methods like traps can also injure or kill your pets if placed around their playing areas.

You may be tempted to buy sprays or traps to fix the problem yourself at the first indication of a pest infestation. However, hiring a professional pest controller such as texas exterminator companies can often save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

Below are some tips to keep your pets safe during pest control in your home.

Inform the exterminator that you have pets

Letting the exterminator know that you have pets will help you formulate a pet-friendly extermination plan. You should also be specific about the pets you have and where the pets spend most of their time. Also, let them know if the pet will be at home on the treatment date.

Come up with ways to contain the pets during treatment

If the exterminators are using harmful chemicals, you can take your pets to your friend’s home or stay with them outside the house. You can also take your dog for a walk and come back when treatment is over or place them in a kennel. Other pets may need to be contained in a pet carrier to ensure that they don’t go back into the house.

Cover reptile and fish tanks

Since fish and reptiles require extra preparations to move, they may require special considerations like moving their tanks in a room that is not being treated. Alternatively, you can cover the tank with a blanket or towel and protect them from harmful fumes and chemical droplets.

Remove Birdcages from the treatment area

Since most birds have sensitive respiratory systems, the smell of pesticide and other procedures during treatment can make them restless if you will be spraying close to their cage. Therefore, it is advisable to move the birdcage outside and as far from the house as possible. You can also ensure that doors and windows are closed during the treatment to avoid chemicals from getting to the outside. Additionally, you should only return the birds when the chemicals have dried, and the room is free from the smell of the chemicals.

If you have aviaries in your compound, you can put the birds in smaller cages and move them inside if the treatment area is outside the house. Again, you should ensure that all the windows and doors are closed.

Keep their items in a safe place

Apart from moving the pets to safer areas during treatment, you should ensure that their items like feeding bowls and toys are in a safe place to avoid contamination. Place these items in sealed containers and keep them outside until the surfaces are dry.

You can also wash the pets’ beddings with soap and hot water if the exterminator sprayed them with the chemicals.

Get help from Professionals

Professionals such as veterinarians can advise you about the best way to keep your pets calm and safe during treatment. Professional exterminators are also aware of ways to keep pets safe when doing their job and will only use harsh chemicals if there are no pet-friendly alternatives for your pest situation. These experts undergo safety training before getting a certification to use chemicals and any other risky pest extermination method.

Place traps in the right place

If you are using rodent and insect baits to trap the unwanted pests in your home, then you should ensure that they are placed in hidden areas out of pets’ reach. Some traps, like mouse traps, can harm your pet if left in open places. It is also advisable to immediately dispose of poisoned insects and rodents, as they can cause death to pets when consumed.

Parting Words

The above tips can help you keep your pets safe during pest extermination. However, if you still have any question about the required preparations, you can ask your pest exterminator for clarification. Professional pest exterminators like Excel Pest Services will also help you keep your pets safe by using pet-friendly extermination methods.