10 FAQs About Insulin Pumps – [2024]

Insulin Pumps

Insulin helps our bodies absorb use sugar/ glucose from the foods we eat. As a diabetic, if you have type 1 diabetes, your body does not produce insulin and, if you have type 2 diabetes, your body cannot use insulin, or does not produce enough. In these cases, insulin injections become necessary, but insulin pumps could be a better alternative for you.

FAQ 1: How Do Insulin Pumps Work?

Insulin pumps are small devices. They mimic the pancreas’ ability to deliver insulin. They pump small doses of insulin at a recurrent rate (basal), larger doses when food is eaten (meal bolus), or when blood sugars are high (correction bolus).

FAQ 2: Which Insulin Pump is Best?

The best insulin pumps are those whose features and components are most relevant and best suited to your needs. It is best to discuss the kind of care you are looking for with your doctor to determine the best pump for you. You can do your own research on various pumps to see which you like best but ultimately, consult your doctor.

FAQ 3: What Makes Insulin Pumps a Good Alternative?

Insulin pumps supply a more precise and customized insulin delivery. This offers more flexibility in terms of your lifestyle. As one of the many benefits, pumps can help prevent low blood glucose levels during intense physical activity. It can also help people who are sensitive to insulin by delivering small doses.

FAQ 4: Why Do People Prefer Not to Use Insulin Pumps?

Some commons reasons that patients may choose not to use insulin pumps include it being uncomfortable to wear. Often, the pump will have to be worn on your body and this can be off-putting to many.

Additionally, insulin pumps are costly. Insurance coverage may only cover half of the cost or might be specific to certain brands. Lastly, if the infusion set is left in too long, you increase your risk of an infusion site infection. This can be prevented, however, once you change the settings as instructed by your physician or professional personnel.

FAQ 5: Is Insulin Pump Therapy Better Than Using Insulin Injections?

Insulin injections require a great deal of work and dedication to attain the best results in blood sugar control. The same applies to it. It is not an automatic fix for your insulin problems. However, while it takes effort and time, the pump has more tools that are available to assist with glucose control.

FAQ 6: Can All Diabetics Use Insulin Pumps?

Insulin pumps are a great alternative for diabetics. However, not all diabetics may be a good pump candidates. There are a variety of needs that need to be considered by your doctor when looking at pump eligibility.

FAQ 7: Are Insulin Pumps Implants?

Insulin pumps are not implants. They are external medical devices that deliver insulin directly under the skin continually by way of a catheter that should be changed every three days.

FAQ 8: Do I Have to be Connected to the Pump at all Times?

You can temporarily take yourself off the pump, but not for extended periods of time. If you are off of it for more than an hour, it is possible you will need to replace the insulin you would have missed. The pump can be temporarily disconnected during swimming and showering but always speak with your doctor to receive specific recommendations and instructions in that regard.

FAQ 9: What Form of Insulin Is Used?

It use insulin such as glulisine, as part and lispro, which are considered rapid-acting insulin. The pump delivers a small amount of insulin every few minutes. Therefore, longer-acting insulin are not a necessity.

FAQ 10: Common Misconceptions About Insulin Pumps

There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to insulin pumps. It is often thought that the it will do all the work for you with minimal patient involvement. This is not the case. It is also thought that these can only be used with persons with type 1 diabetes.

Additionally, you do not need to be tech-savvy to operate an insulin pump and they are not complicated or too difficult to operate.

As a diabetic, having control of keeping your blood sugar levels within a safe and good range is critical. Insulin pumps from places like Tandem Diabetes can help you do this, with a wide range of the best pumps to choose from.

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