Foods to Improve Liver Health Without Medication


Cleansing the liver is not a newfangled trend and not a tribute to the modern possibilities of diet therapy and a healthy lifestyle. This is an important event, which is based on maintaining the health of the hematopoietic organ.

Passing through the liver, the blood becomes purified, toxic, and chemical substances get eliminated from it. The consumption of certain food products allows you to restore the cells and tissues of the liver parenchyma. It also improves the natural functions of the organ.

What to Eat to Restore Liver Health?

1- Kelp

Seaweed contains about 10% salts of alginic acid. This acid can bind and eliminate toxins and heavy metal salts from the body. It contains selenium, which normalizes the functions of the intestines and pancreas. It also allows you to quickly cope with the elimination of harmful substances accumulated over the years.

2- Onion

The source of vitamin C, PP, selenium, and iron is indicated for use in chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis in the initial stages, obstructive jaundice, and hepatitis. The plant has a powerful antibacterial effect, which prevents the development of various diseases and improves the condition of the liver.

3- Garlic

It is another powerful natural source of nutrients. The antibacterial effect helps protect liver cells from destruction during illness and weaken the drug and alcohol toxicity in minimum time.

4- Radish

Fresh vegetable stimulates the formation of new liver cells. This became possible due to the content of B vitamins and other useful substances in the composition. The root vegetable can have a choleretic effect. Due to which the liver functions more efficiently and without interruption.

5- Beet Root

The vegetable, loved by many, contains a large amount of vitamin T and pectin. These components support the functioning of the liver and accelerate the regeneration of its cells (hepatocytes), further improving the outflow of bile.

6- Tomatoes

The high content of starch and pectin stimulates the growth and development of liver cells. Additionally, they protect the organ from the penetration and effects of toxins, nitrates, and aggressive chemicals.

7- Cabbage

Most of the vegetables can restore the damaged liver cells and enhance the antitoxic ability of the organ. Cabbage is also one of the most useful vegetables for the health of the liver.

8- Pumpkin

The plant has the richest composition and has many beneficial properties not only for the liver but also for the whole organism. Frequent consumption of pumpkin porridge or fruit in stewed, boiled, a baked form will help get rid of bile stagnation. It will also saturate the body with important vitamins, trace elements, and improve blood formation and make the liver work more efficiently.

9- Dried Apricots

Dried apricots contain a lot of magnesium, potassium, minerals, and vitamins that prevent the formation of vascular atherosclerosis (including liver). Regular consumption of dried apricots can reduce the risk of viral bacterial infections, arterial hypertension, and other ailments that can hinder the functioning of the organ.

10- Apples

The fetus, beloved since childhood, contains a huge amount of pectin, which can neutralize poisons and chemical aggressors that have entered the liver with blood. Harmful substances are quickly eliminated from the body, the level of cholesterol and toxins decreases, and overall well-being improves.

11- Citrus

Lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit are not only delicious food but also an excellent folk remedy to restore hepatocytes. It cleanses the liver and restores its parenchyma. Pectins and vitamin C present in fruits help to improve immunity and increase the liver’s resistance to infections, damage to toxins and chemicals (when drinking alcohol, junk food, poisonous components).

12- Turmeric

The oriental seasoning can protect liver cells from toxins and other harmful substances. With regular consumption of turmeric, the concentration of cholesterol decreases. And the formation of plaque on the walls of the liver vessels is prevented.

13- Olive Oil

A large amount of vitamin E has a significant antioxidant effect. With regular use of oil, salts of heavy metals excrete in a raw form. As a result, the regeneration of liver cells becomes faster and its functioning improves.

14- Cereals


It is one of the most important foods for the liver. It allows the liver to cleanse, restore damaged cells, and tissues. And improve the ability to cleanse the blood.


Due to its rich composition, it has properties that restore and stabilize the liver. Regular consumption of cereals helps to eliminate toxins, heavy metal salts, and fatty acids from the body.


It has antioxidant, cleansing, and normalizing properties of the organ. It additionally improves bowel function, stimulating the speedy elimination of harmful substances.

15- Beverages

Not only food but also many drinks can improve the condition of the liver and accelerate the growth of healthy cells. Delicious and beloved by many formulations will help to restore the parenchyma and enhance the blood purification process:

Green Tea

The owner of an antioxidant effect can have a positive effect on the functioning of the liver, kidneys, nervous system by drinking green tea.

Chicory Drink

If you replace coffee with it, you can normalize metabolic processes. Also, cleanse the blood of toxins, restore the liver, and kidney cells after serious illnesses. It lowers blood sugar and prevents the formation of gallstones.

Chamomile Tea

A good remedy with an anti-inflammatory effect, it can relieve spasms in case of biliary tract disease, eliminate hepatic colic, and reduce the likelihood of organ damage by bacteria.

Cranberry Juice

It is a drink containing a large amount of vitamin C. It is able to have a powerful antioxidant effect, improve immunity, and increase the outflow of bile. And resist the effects of viruses, bacteria, and other damaging substances on liver cells.

Final Words

A proper diet rich in healthy foods will help protect the liver from damage and restore its functions. But it should be remembered that the most reliable and proven herbal remedies can be harmful if consumed uncontrollably and in large quantities.

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