How Effective is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal

If you are seeking out a better alternative to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, threading or electrolysis, you may need to consider laser hair removal calgary.

Regarded to be safe, and effective in removing unwanted hair, it uses the principle of selective photothermal destruction to target unwanted hair from the legs, face, chin, back, arm and other areas.

The benefits of laser hair removal over the other traditional methods outlined above are what makes it among the most common cosmetic procedures around the world, especially in Canada.

You’ll get the relevant information you need to know about laser hair removal in this article.

Let’s dive right in:

There are several benefits laser hair removal has over other traditional hair removal methods. A very obvious advantage of this cosmetic procedure over

Other hair removal methods are the lasting result of hair reduction. With laser hair removal, it takes weeks or months for the hair to grow back on treated areas.

And when they eventually do grow back again, the hair becomes few and light. Follow-up sessions will produce optimum results leading to permanent hair reduction.

Another benefit of laser hair removal over other traditional techniques is that it helps you avoid ingrown

Hairs which are common with shaving, waxing and plucking. Also, you are guaranteed a clearer and smoother skin void of rashes and bumps associated with other hair removal methods.

The precision of lasers to target unwanted hair in specific areas of the body is yet another advantage of this procedure over others. laser removal is usually fast.

It takes a portion of a second for each pulse of the laser to target the hair follicle and hair bulb which makes it possible to cover a larger area in a short time.

You are also unlikely to suffer complicated side effects and irritations on your skin with laser hair removal.

  • What to do before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you’re considering laser hair removal, your first line of action will be to find a dermatologist who has the credentials and experience in performing this procedure.

Once you have found a suitable dermatologist, book a consultation visit. This visit will allow your dermatologist to assess your medical history as well as make sure your expectations from the treatment are realistic.

You will be given instructions which you will adhere to for optimum results to be achieved.

You will be advised against sunbathing or exposure to the sun for about four weeks before the day set for the laser hair removal session.

Also, you are required to discontinue the use of fake tanning products at least four weeks before the day of the procedure.

In the days leading to the laser hair removal procedure, avoid using scrubs, retinol creams and chemical peels.

  • How is Laser Hair Removal Done?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic intervention that uses selective photothermal destruction to remove unwanted hair from the face, legs, underarm, back, bikini line, and other parts of the body. But before the session starts, your

a dermatologist will trim the hair on the treatment site to a few millimeters above the skin.

A numbing gel will be applied to the treatment before the session begins to control the sting of the laser pulses.

Then, your dermatologist will position the hand-held laser device, which would be chosen based on the location of the treatment site, thickness and color of your hair.

Diode and Nd-Yag lasers are some examples of laser hair removal machines used. Depending on the sort of laser device used, you may be given a protective eye cover before the session starts.

With the laser device well positioned in the treatment area, your dermatologist will introduce a pulse of light to the treatment area, which will be accompanied by a cooling mechanism which blasts cold air all through the session.

When the beams from the laser device are targeted at the treatment area, the melanin in the chromophore inside the hair shaft absorbs the light.

This absorbed light energy is then converted into heat, which then destroys the hair.

Depending on the extent of the area where the unwanted hair is being removed, it may take a few minutes to an hour.

After the session, an anti-inflammatory lotion or ice pack may be applied to the treatment site to lessen any discomfort.

  • Are the Results of Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

After you’ve had your first laser hair removal procedure, you begin to observe hair fallout in the second to the third week following the treatment.

You’d observe that hairs around the treatment area become thinner and less visible. It usually takes a few months after your first session before you start to notice new hair follicles.

To maintain the lasting result of hair loss in the treatment area, you will need to go for several follow-up laser hair removal sessions.

With repeated sessions, spaced at least six weeks apart, you can achieve permanent hair reduction in the treatment area.

You may need about five to ten follow-up sessions to achieve permanent hair removal in treated areas.

  • What are the Possible Risks Involved?

Laser hair removal is permitted by the FDA and considered to be safe and efficient for removing unwanted hair.

It is unlikely to experience an adverse effect with this procedure, especially if it’s done by a qualified dermatologist with experience in using lasers to remove unwanted hair.

The common side effects associated with laser hair removal include redness of the treatment site, mild swelling, and discomfort.

In rare cases, thermal burns, blisters, scarring and hyperpigmentation can happen.

Your adherence to the instructions of your doctor, as well as the selection of safe parameters and the use of a cooling machine during a laser hair removal session can greatly reduce the occurrence of these side effects.

Visit a dermatologist in calgary today for your laser hair removal appointment now.

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