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If you have a plan to challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to hear from you. So we are always looking for new collaborators to write on health write for us and guest editorials. But you don’t have to wait for an idea that redefines health, beauty, etc. So try to give readers a fresh perspective on the topic of health write for us that keeps you up at night by adding actionable content for our readers, and you’re good to go.

If you are interested in expressing your thoughts through words to the world, then we surely want to hear from you. We are more than happy to collaborate with you. We always invite the people willing to write about health to write for us. Health write for us gives detailed information about topics related to health, beauty etc.

Importance of Health and Beauty

Healthy skinThe relationship between health and beauty is very close. Both have equal importance and are interrelated to each other. A proper care of your skin can help you to maintain your health to a great extent. The largest organ of the body is the skin. Due to this, taking proper care of your skin is essential, as it can directly affect your complete well-being. Your skin functions as a defensive armour and is most exposable to external components. So we must take proper care of it to maintain our health.

Guidelines for submitting articles

Below are the guidelines to follow if you decide to post your thoughts on our blog.


A well-researched informative article of 400 plus words must focus on health write for us is what we expect from you as it not only attracts the viewers. But it is also proficient with search engines. So please make sure you meet this first requirement from us.

Sell things:

Make sure you do not use the guest post to endorse or promote any other product or a commercial website, as it falls under the scope of advertising. So if you are waiting for a sponsored posting opportunity, you can contact us with the subject “Sponsored and advertising.”


Your articles should be upbeat and powerful. So if you want to see the examples, you can consult the articles published on our blog

Writing for Readers:

You should write the posts to convey your own words and character. Think about the target audience and keep the articles attractive enough.

Make your articles easy to read:

If an article is easy to read, it becomes much easier for them to read, as your message will be easily conveyed. So design your articles to include a related title, subheadings, and essential terms in bold. Also, use bullet points where you feel the need.


Including images in an article is sure to grab the attention of readers. So, be sure to include relevant pictures, infographics, and videos along with proper attribution where needed in the article.


You should never post attributions copied from other websites. So we would never accept such contributions. However, if we find that you are providing us with plagiarized content, we will remove your article, and it will not be published. Besides, we appreciate the hard work of others, and you should too.


Be sure to send us your articles related to the following categories:

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1– Does Beingnaturalhuman edit the guest blogs?

A1-Yes, Beingnaturalhuman can edit the article if the information is incorrect.

Q2- What will be the maximum word count for the article?

A2- The least word count should be 1000, and the maximum word count per article should be 2,000.

Q3- When will Beingnaturalhuman upload the article?

A3 Beingnaturalhuman will upload the article within 24 hours.

Q4- How many links can be attached to a single article?

A4-  You can only insert only 1 link to your blog or a web page in the article and 1 relevant link from the article.

Q5- Will Beingnaturalhuman do the On-page SEO?

A5- We will make minor on-page SEO changes to the article but expect you to optimise the content quickly to rank the article soon.

Here’s why you should design a guest post

  • We will share your content on my social media page.
  • Besides, we help you increase your website traffic.
  • We do SEO for specific posts
  • Your site’s DA & DR will increase after posting content to our site

How to send the article

You can send us the articles in a Microsoft Word document. So if you want to write on health write for us and guest articles. However, you can send us your ideas and proposals at

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