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Hair Tan Write For Us

Hair Tan Write For Us

The hair tan style provides beautiful, natural, and bright colours. The outcome is delicate, multi-coloured and differs from person to person. But the main objective is best blended, coloured hair, Jodie Plamer, hair colourist and international Evo educator, tells the POPSUGAR because the hair colouring technique utilized to brighten the hair provides your natural hair texture depending on the shades.

It fits all hair types and lengths too.

How to Get a Hair Tan?

The hair stylist should focus on the hair’s standard depth and colouring on the most delicate areas. However, the hair is bleached not more than three levels for a super blended and natural outcome.

The hair tan is a trademark paint method, which allows refreshing from the medium long into a combine toward the core area, using zigzagged diagonal part.

The mid band is a double-painted technique to achieve the most lift, and the hair is coloured using the hairstylist. So your hair stylist shouldn’t use rich colours.

How to Maintain a Hair Tan?

The highlight can be fitted once or twice a year. In between, you get usual trims and colour improvement treatments, like glosses, toning shampoos and conditioners, and masks, to keep the colour looking fresh.

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Guidelines of the Article – Hair Tan Write for Us

Guidelines of the Article – Hair Tan Write for Us

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