Early Signs of Chronic Inflammation

chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation is an inflammation that lasts for a long period, which can be months or years. It depends on the cause and the body’s ability to overcome or repair the damage. There are various causes for this condition, such as:

  • Failure to remove the agent that caused the inflammation (like parasites and fungi)
  • Persistent acute inflammation
  • Disorder in cells regulating inflammation
  • Auto-immune disorder

It’s usually hard to determine if you have chronic inflammation until it advances because the early symptoms are similar to acute pain and other conditions. The best way to diagnose it is by consulting your doctor. They will request tests to determine if you have chronic inflammation. However, it’s still good to be aware of its early signs, so you can do something to prevent it from progressing any further. Read on for the said symptoms.

Stiff and painful joints

Pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints after physical activities like exercise are normal. However, if the feeling persists and you can’t think of anything that may cause it, it could be an early sign of chronic inflammation. Avoid foods that may cause or trigger inflammation, like sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, and processed meat. Also, increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods like tomatoes, fatty fish, and nuts. A turmeric latte mix has the potential to help with this symptom. It has ingredients that are believed to relieve pain and inflammation. Use it in your drinks, soups, baked goods, and other recipes.

Recurring digestive problems

You may sometimes experience digestive problems, especially if you did not eat on your usual schedule or ate something you’re not used to. However, if it happens repeatedly, it may be due to inflammation. If the good bacteria in the system fail to control the bad bacteria, it could lead to inflammation and digestive problems. Get immediate medical attention if it keeps happening to get proper treatment.

Ongoing skin irritation

When the immune system overworks, it could cause chronic inflammation. The body becomes more sensitive, thus responding to the slightest irritations that it would normally not react to, which may show on your skin. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties may help combat this.

Weaker immune system

Chronic inflammation is an abnormal reaction to the immune system, leading it to overwork or malfunction. When that happens, it will not be strong enough to fight pathogens, causing you to get easily sick. So, it could also be a sign of inflammation if you are more prone to colds and flu.

Increase in blood pressure

Inflammation could increase blood pressure, stiffening and damaging the blood vessels. It could lead to stroke and other heart problems. Monitor your blood pressure, and find ways to manage it, like avoiding stress, exercising, and eating a balanced and nutritious diet.


Your memory may decline as you age. However, according to research, memory loss is greater for those who suffer from inflammation. So, if you are getting more forgetful than normal, inflammation could be one of the culprits.

Don’t take these early warnings of chronic inflammation for granted; look for ways to treat them. Then, if they persist, consult a doctor to determine the actual cause and get the appropriate treatment.