How to ensure proper Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast Reduction Recovery

Recovery after breast reduction surgery is a delicate process. The breast surgery process involves removing some tissue and skin from the breast. The surgery process will leave you feeling sore for about 2 to 3 weeks. If that is not all, you will experience some pai-n and an irresistible urge to scratch your breasts. Whatever you do, please do not touch your breast if you want proper breast reduction recovery.

If you are thinking of having breast reduction surgery, these are some of the things you should know.

Why is Breast Reduction necessary?

Why is Breast Reduction necessary

Breast reduction surgery is the process of removing fat, skin, and tissue from breasts. The process relocates the nipple for better shape and reshapes the remaining breast. Women who undergo breast reduction get amazing results after recovery. The results of breast reduction include:

  • Reduced back and shoulder pain from heavy, sagging breasts
  • It makes pleasing breast contours
  • Improves the confidence and gives lifestyle satisfaction

The techniques of Breast reduction surgery require a lot of expertise. These techniques include:

  • Liposuction- For women requiring slight to moderate reduction in their breasts.
  • Vertical or Lollipop Breast Reduction- For women with moderate sagging. It makes a moderate reduction in the size of the breast.
  • Inverted-T or “Anchor” Breast Reduction- For women with significant sagging. It makes a significant reduction in breasts.

How to Care For Yourself During Breast Reduction Recovery

You will be asleep or dazed during your surgery because you will be under a general anesthetic. The surgery takes about 2- 3 hours, but you may have to stay in the hospital for one to two nights before dismissal. Recovery usually starts immediately after surgery. Proper breast reduction recovery requires taking the following care, diet, and medication measures


During this recovery, there are some things you should refrain from doing

  • Refrain from work like shopping, childcare, and house chores
  • Refrain from wearing a seat belt or driving until the pain goes away
  • Refrain from heavy lifting until 6 weeks are over
  • Wear a sports bra if your surgeon approves of it


  • Eat normal foods
  • Take low-fat foods like toast, plain rice
  • Drink a lot of fluids
  • Avoid constipation
  • Avoid straining with bowel movements by taking a mild laxative

Medical care

  • Take the medication without delay, following instructions
  • Consult your doctor if you can take other over-the-medicine like aspirin
  • Take pain relievers according to your doctors’ instructions
  • If your doctor prescribed antibiotics or nausea medications, take them as instructed

Caring for yourself is necessary after undergoing breast reduction surgery. But, you have to conduct due diligence before undergoing surgery. This will involve researching your choice of surgeon

Choosing a Breast Reduction Surgeon

Not all that glows is gold. This applies to your choice of breast reduction surgeon. Always go for a registered breast reduction surgeon. Confirm your surgeon’s registration with your country’s medical council. Ensure that the surgeon is on the specialist register as a listed practitioner. Most of all, make sure that they have a license to practice.

Take time to visit the surgeon and ask about

  • Their qualification
  • How many breast surgeries have they undertaken?
  • How many of their operations have had complications?
  • The kind of follow-up they give to breast surgery patients like you
  • The type of technique they will use on you
  • The level of satisfaction of their patient

Follow-up care is necessary during recovery. Visit your surgeon based on your scheduled appointments. Call the surgeon if you develop any complications for proper breast reduction recovery


How Long Does Breast Reduction Recovery Take?

Breast reduction recovery happens at different rates. This is because different people heal at different rates. But, you may start to notice changes in the first month. You will have total recovery after approximately 2-3 months

Is it okay to feel pain during recovery?

Upon surgery, it is quite normal to experience some discomfort and some pain. The area around your breast will be swollen and feel bruised. This is because the surgery stretches the outer skin, muscles, and inner tissue. Most pain happens during the first few days after surgery, and it subsides over time

Do the scars go away completely?

Even though the breasts recover completely, the scars are permanent. But, the scars will not look the way they were immediately after the surgery. In the initial days after surgery, the scars are reddish and swollen, but they fade over time

How to reduce Breast Reduction Recovery time?

It is appropriate to give yourself ample time to recover. But, there are ways to reduce recovery time further. This includes avoiding smoking, sleeping, and looking up without lying on your breasts. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and always take time to relax after any movement.

What will the scar look like after Breast Reduction Recovery?

The type of scar depends on the type of surgery you will undergo. Based on the surgery, there are two types of scars. There is a vertical scar from the nipple downwards. Then, there is the other scar that is horizontal under the breast.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Recovery?

The amount of breast left after surgery determines whether you can breastfeed. A significant percentage of women (60%) can breastfeed after undergoing breast reduction surgery.

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