Breast Lift: How The Procedure Works

Breast Lift

Beautiful breasts aren’t simply about size. A qualified cosmetic surgeon may use treatments suited to a woman’s specific requirements to achieve a more attractive, proportionate breast form.

A breast lift restores drooping breasts to a firmer, perkier, and more visually attractive form. It may not only enhance a patient’s look by restoring her young, feminine proportions, but it can also make bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably and attractively.

A cosmetic surgeon may produce a more youthful breast shape by removing superfluous, stretched-out skin, restructuring the breast tissue, and bringing the nipple and areola forward. Large, stretched areola may also be decreased during breast lift surgery, resulting in a more proportional, natural-looking breast.

What Is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery, commonly known as mastopexy, alters the shape of the breasts under the direction of a cosmetic surgeon. A breast lift involves removing excess skin and manipulating breast tissue to raise the breasts.

There are several reasons why people wish to get breast lift surgery other than to improve their self-esteem and self-image. The following are additional reasons why most people get a breast lift.

Common Reasons Women Choose Breast Lift Surgery:

  • To regain a more youthful breast shape after pregnancy and nursing: Pregnancy may cause unwanted changes to the breasts, causing them to stretch and droop. These changes may reverse with a breast lift, either with or without implants.
  • To enhance breast shape after major weight reduction: When you lose weight, you generally lose breast volume. A breast lift may help restore a more proportional, youthful breast form by removing excess skin from the breast.
  • To experience for the first time a lovely, perky breast shape: Drooping breasts have plagued a small but rising proportion of breast lift patients since their adolescence. Breast lift surgery might assist a lady in achieving the breast profile she has always desired.

How Breast Lift Surgery Is Performed?

A breast lift is often done as an outpatient treatment under local anesthetic with injectable sedation (so you’ll be thoroughly relaxed and drowsy) or general anesthesia (so you’ll be entirely numb and sleeping).

Your surgeon will stack threads to stabilize the deep tissue and create your new breast form as they elevate your breast tissue higher on the chest wall. They will, in most circumstances, also increase your nipple position and may lessen the size of your areolas.

They’ll remove any superfluous skin before sealing the wounds shut. You should be able to leave the hospital the same day as the operation, which normally takes two to three hours.

Because you’ll be sleepy from the anesthetic, have someone you trust to drive you home and make sure you’re comfortable.


You will be brought to a recovery center for careful monitoring immediately after your breast lift surgery. Gauze dressings and a support bra will be used to minimize edema and support your breasts throughout the healing period. You must wear this clothing as directed by your doctor.

To avoid infection, you will be given pain medicine as well as an antibiotic. Before you are discharged from the hospital, your surgeon will give you post-operative instructions. To prevent difficulties, it is critical that you carefully follow these directions.

While everyone’s rehabilitation is unique, you should plan on wearing the supporting garment for three to four weeks. Take it easy until your surgeon says it’s safe to resume regular exercise, which is generally around four to six weeks.

Bottom Line:

Sagging breasts can be reversed with a breast lift procedure.  A breast lift is a safe and satisfying operation with long-lasting effects when done by a trained cosmetic surgeon. There are top plastic surgeons in Houston who are experienced. The best approach to learning more about breast lift surgery is to schedule a consultation with one of these board-certified cosmetic surgeons if you live in the Houston area..

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