Braces: 6 Myths And Misconceptions


Braces are considered the best option for treating misalignment and crookedness of teeth. Properly aligned teeth lead to better oral health because the teeth and gums are easier to clean. With this, there will be a reduction in dental issues like tooth decay, gingivitis, and even tooth loss.

But despite the benefits of braces for your dental health, several misconceptions surrounding it might make you second-guess getting one. So, here are the myths you should learn more from before believing in them.

1. Traditional Braces Are Your Only Option


One of the biggest myths about braces is that you only have one option to use — the traditional metal braces. This type of brace involves brackets and wires so that it might draw attention to your teeth. If you’re someone who cares about your teeth’ braces and wants them to be less noticeable, there are various types of braces you can choose from:

  • Ceramic Braces: This type of dental brace is almost similar to the traditional braces in size and shape, but they are ‘almost invisible’ because they blend out with the teeth. But this is more expensive than the conventional braces and is easily stained if not appropriately maintained.
  • Lingual Braces: This is similar to traditional braces, but they are attached inside the teeth, so they aren’t noticeable on the outside. However, the disadvantages of these braces are: they’re less effective because it takes a longer time to achieve the desired alignment of teeth; uncomfortable because it has direct contact with the tongue; and it tends to be more challenging to clean.
  • Self-Ligating Braces: It is also similar to traditional braces in appearance. The only difference is that it uses clips rather than bands to hold the metal wire to keep the braces. It results in less friction and makes it easier to keep them clean.

2. Braces Will Keep Your Teeth Straight Forever

Braces don’t keep your teeth aligned forever. Your braces will be removed when you get to the point where your desired teeth alignment is achieved. However, there might still be a chance of them getting misaligned. Your dentist will require you to wear retainers to prevent your teeth from misaligning.

3. Braces Are Only For Kids

Children and teenagers tend to get dental braces more than adults. But adults can get braces as well. They aren’t limited only to kids and young adults, but anyone who wishes to have one is allowed. So, if you’re bothered by the appearance of braces, you can opt for more invisible choices available. Some might get Invisalign over traditional braces because the former is less noticeable and removable. It provides the patient with more flexibility in their braces. If you’re thinking of getting braces to correct your dental issues, it’s never too late to experience the benefits of this procedure.

4. Braces Are For Cosmetic Purposes Only

It might be the biggest misconception out there. Many patients consider getting braces because they want to get straighter teeth. While this reason is valid, there are other benefits you can get from getting braces.

Dentists and orthodontists recommend getting braces because it treats a misaligned bite. An abnormal bite can result in other dental issues like tooth wear. Also, plaque build-up is enhanced because the teeth are difficult to clean. In turn, this will result in tooth decay or gum disease.

5. Braces Are Extremely Painful

Some people might believe that braces should hurt for them to be effective. While you might get mild discomfort after getting your braces, this instance is standard. But after a while, you won’t feel any pain at all. There will come a time when you’ll feel discomfort brought by the issues of your braces. One possible reason is there’s a loose wire in your braces that your dentist can quickly fix.

6. Brace Can Limit Your Activities

Another reason why some are reluctant to get braces is the belief that it will limit them to enjoy some things in their life. Some might think they need to go into a restricted diet, but no. You can eat whatever you want as long as you stay away from sticky foods like gum because it will be difficult to remove from your braces.

Final Thoughts

Many people might still get reluctant to have braces because of the mentioned myths and misconceptions. Now, you can be confident in reaping the benefits of having dental braces. It will treat your misaligned teeth and uneven jaw that might result in the need for surgery. You can also avoid suffering the pain from having abnormal bites. You can consult your dentist or orthodontist to get your smile fixed.

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