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Back Dimple Piercing Write for us – Overview

Back Dimple Piercing Write for us - OverviewBack dimple piercings, or dermal piercings, have become a trendy body modification. This piercing placed in the natural indentations on the lower back above the buttocks. Back dimple piercings can be eye-catching and add a cute accent to the lower back.

Healing and Aftercare

Back dimple piercings can take 3-6 months to heal fully. Proper aftercare is crucial during the healing process. Be sure to keep the area very clean by washing twice daily with an antimicrobial soap and rinsing well.

Evade submerges the piercing in water bodies like lakes or pools during healing. Wear clean, breathable clothing to allow air circulation.

Avoid sleeping on the piercing until healed. Refrain from using creams or oils on the piercing as this can trap bacteria. Oral and topical antibiotics may prescribe if infection occurs.

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