Alternative Baby Foods To Rice Cereal

Rice Cereal

When you have an infant, and they start eating, you always go to the grocery to get food that fits them and is nutritious. When you have your first kid, it might be challenging to locate the proper meals for your child. Every baby food appears to be healthy and vitamin-rich in the eyes of any parent, but before you buy any meal, investigate the proper baby food that will produce the desired outcomes. If you want a healthy child, there are alternatives to rice cereal, and we will discuss them in this article.

The alternatives are;

1. Lentils

There are so many types of lentils you can choose to feed your baby. When you want lentils that cook fast, you should cook the red ones, and they make the best puree and baby food. Since lentils are low on fibre, they don’t give babies a lot of gas.

2. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the best food for your child. Sweet potatoes have vitamin C, and they are also rich in iron, making the vitamin C absorb faster. You could make sweet potato puree, and your child will enjoy it because of its sweetness.

3. Green vegetables

Feeding your child green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, or spinach is a great way to add iron to your child’s body. When cooking vegetables, the procedure is minimal; all you need to do is steam your vegetables or cook them with other foods like meat. This green vegetable can also make amazing smoothies and purees. Such as sweet potatoes and fruits like oranges make the absorption of iron much better.

4. Avocado

The good thing about avocado is that you don’t need to have teeth to enjoy it. For your baby, get a ripe avocado and feed it to your child. Avocados are rich in omega 3-s.

5. Stage 1 baby food

You could start with vegetables rather than fruits, so your child doesn’t expect everything to be sweet. Start with stage 1 baby food and give it to your baby for three days before moving to other vegetables and fruits. If your child is allergic to a specific type of food, you will be able to know since you are giving your child a kind of vegetable each time.

6. Whole grain rice cereal

This particular rice is just like regular white rice cereal but made from whole grain rice instead. In case you don’t know which brand is best, you should opt for Earth’s best organic product since they don’t have added sugar or salt. They also offer non-GMO ingredients.


When you have a child, and it’s time for them to eat, you need to make sure you give them food rich in iron so that their immune system strengthens as they grow. You could look into this article to know what food is excellent for your child as they grow.  Make sure you give your child this food so they cannot lack anything and get deficiency problems.

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