9 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure performed to remove portions of the stomach to facilitate weight loss. The surgery removes approximately 60 percent to 80 percent of the stomach.

The gastric sleeve in is one of the best private weight loss surgery options. However, it requires significant lifestyle changes post-op to maintain weight loss.

As you might guess, with any surgical procedure comes risks, doubts, and questions you want to clarify. This article covers essential questions you might ask yourself or your healthcare consultant before the surgery.

The more informed you are, the better decision you will make.

Am I Eligible For Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

To be eligible for gastric sleeve surgery, you must pass specific criteria; being overweight is the bare minimum. If your overall health isn’t stable, or you have been diagnosed with diabetes or alcohol addiction, you will not be a candidate for the procedure.

The doctor will examine your Body Mass Index (BMI); to be eligible for the procedure, your BMI must be at least 40.

The BMI percentage is decided based on your weight and height; there are many free BMI calculators you can find online, and once you enter your numbers, it will calculate your BMI. But you will need a medical practitioner to clear you for the procedure.

Other criteria you should keep in mind:

  • You have tried non-surgical methods like dieting and training, but they didn’t help to reduce the weight.
  • You’re willing to make drastic lifestyle changes.
  • You understand the complications of the procedure
  • You are undergoing the procedure for yourself and not to please others.
  • You are capable of traveling to Turkey for the procedure.

What Are The Complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Like any other surgical procedure, it has certain risks and complications. These are:

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Blood clots, including pulmonary embolism
  • Leakage of stomach contents through the staples
  • Breathing difficulties

You may experience mild fatigue, pain, and discomfort for three to six months after the procedure, which are normal reactions to your body’s healing.

How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Turkey Cost?

The cost of a gastric sleeve in Turkey is approximately €2850 – €3000, which is significantly lower than the cost in other European countries. Still, The treatment cost will change depending on factors like the surgeon’s experience, the location of the clinic, and the technique used.

What Should You Consider If You Plan To Have A Gastric Sleeve Treatment?

Here are some actionable tips you can follow if you plan to have bariatric surgery in Turkey

  • Do your research. Before deciding on a clinic, please read the reviews to understand how they perform gastric sleeves.
  • Find the best doctor for your gastric sleeve in Turkey. Examine the before and after results of past patients.
  • Book an online consultation to ensure compatibility with the doctor.
  • Listen to your instincts: you should trust your instincts; you don’t want to be another statistic; if you think the doctor or the clinic is untrustworthy, walk away.

It might be a lot to process, from finding the right clinic to focusing on travel arrangements. You can request a health tourism agency to plan your treatment abroad.

The agency will prepare a customized trip that fits your needs. The package will include airport transfer, flight, and accommodation. Delegating the task to experts will give you more peace of mind to focus on your recovery.

Can I Give Birth After The Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

You can get pregnant after the procedure, but you should wait for your weight to stabilize, which might take around two years. During this period, your body has overcome the procedure effects, and you’re more likely to have a healthy pregnancy.

What Should I Expect After Weight Loss Surgeries?

The gastric sleeve procedure is well-tolerated by patients, and it can also act as a bridge to other types of more intensive bariatric surgery procedures, such as gastric bypass. The recovery from the gastric sleeve is around 6 to 8 weeks.

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most common weight loss procedures, with patients losing about 40 percent to 70 percent of the excess weight. The procedure has several benefits, which can be credited to be the reason behind its fame and rising popularity.

The patient satisfaction rate after a gastric sleeve surgery is a whopping 96 percent, and success rates are 94 percent.

How Much Weight Will I Lose After The Procedure?

Expect to lose 40% – 70% of body weight within the first year after the procedure. Maintaining the results will need discipline and drastic lifestyle changes.

How much can I eat after gastric surgery?

You can only eat approximately 900 to 1000 calories a day for up to six months after the procedure.

What Should You Eat After Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

During the first week of recovery, you will be on a clear liquid diet, changing to a soft food diet. You will also need extra care while eating to ensure that you aren’t drinking and eating together, which can cause complications.

The gastric sleeve helps patients achieve considerable weight loss. The procedure is safe and takes about three hours. If you plan to get the surgery abroad, check the surgeon’s credentials, and request an online consultation.