5 Things to Know About Pore Vacuums

5 Things to Know About Pore Vacuums

Pores are small holes in the skin that allow oil and sweat from your glands to seep through. Your entire body is covered in pores, but you probably notice the ones on your face the most. Facial pores can become clogged with excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells. When this happens, the affected pores often become enlarged and may turn a dark, unseemly color.

If you have large facial pores, you may be thinking about trying a pore vacuum. This is a small handheld tool that does exactly what its name suggests: vacuums debris out of your pores. Unlike the vacuum you use to tidy up your living room floor, a pore vacuum is quite a bit gentler. But it may not be the ideal tool for everyone with skin concerns. Here are five things to know about pore vacuums before trying one yourself.

1. Pore Vacuums Work Better With Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Sometimes, combining treatments works better than relying on one treatment alone. This is often true when it comes to taking care of your skin. Enlarged pores are a common occurrence in aging skin. As youthful elasticity wanes with decreasing collagen levels, it’s easier for the pores to become clogged and stretched out. Vacuuming them out will remove debris and blackheads, but without additional treatments, the newly cleaned pores may remain enlarged.

Incorporating anti aging prescription treatments like retinoids, chemical exfoliants, or procedures like micro-needling or laser treatments can potentially improve skin texture and elasticity. Tretinoin is a great choice since it speeds up cell turnover, increases collagen production, and shrinks pores. It also helps prevent pores from becoming enlarged in the first place by clearing away dead skin cells and other acne-causing debris. Tretinoin can increase skin sensitivity, so be sure to set your pore vacuum on a light suction setting when combining these two treatments.

2. Pore Vacuums Aren’t Complicated

Some skin-clarifying beauty devices are complicated or intimidating to use (microdermabrasion rollers, anyone?). Fortunately, pore vacuums are pretty straightforward. They use gentle, targeted suction to lift pore debris out of the skin and reduce the appearance of blackheads. Many people who try these devices find this method of unclogging their pores oddly satisfying.

To use a pore vacuum, follow the instructions by selecting your desired setting. Keep in mind that lower is always better when starting out. Then, turn the device on and gently place the circular tip over your clogged pores. Most devices operate in suction pulses, so you can move it across your skin between pulses to target all problem areas. The vacuum removes the gross stuff from your pores as you sweep it across your face. You may be able to speed up the process by steaming your face beforehand to soften sebum and debris.

3. Pore Vacuums are Gentler Than Pore Strips

You may be wondering why you should use a pore vacuum when your trusty pore strips can do the same job. The answer is simple: vacuums are typically gentler on your skin. Pore strips remove more than unwanted oil and debris. They also strip away healthy skin cells and can leave your skin damaged and irritated. This is particularly true if your skin is more delicate than most.

Pore vacuums, on the other hand, don’t forcefully remove healthy cells or moisturizing oils. They’re also much less painful to use. Some vacuums come equipped with tools to gently exfoliate the skin while vacuuming. Even still, they aren’t ripping the top layer of your skin off. Instead, the exfoliating feature buffs away dead cells so the suction portion of the device can remove them more easily.

4. Pore Vacuums Offer a Variety of Benefits

Treating your skin to luxurious spa sessions may feel heavenly, but it might not be so great for your wallet. Fortunately, a pore vacuum can give you spa-like benefits at home without the expense. It’s important to note that not all pore vacuums are created equal. To get the results you want, it’s worth investing in a high-quality vacuum with good user ratings. You’ll still end up saving money in the long run over getting regular pore extractions at the spa.

In addition to their money-saving benefits, pore vacuums offer a variety of other advantages. When used regularly, they can help keep your pores clear so you’re less likely to experience acne breakouts. They can also improve the breathability of your skin so serums and other skincare products can penetrate more deeply. Finally, combining pore vacuuming with a healthy diet and skincare routine can deliver a more radiant, healthy complexion.

5. Pore Vacuums Can Damage Your Skin if Used Improperly

Despite all their impressive benefits, pore vacuums don’t come without their risks. Though they’re generally safe to use, it’s possible to experience unwanted side effects if you use too much suction. These may include bruising, broken blood vessels, and even scarring. Fortunately, problems like these can almost always be avoided by carefully following the instructions that come with your vacuum.

When using a pore vacuum for the first time, always start with the lightest suction level. Depending on how tightly your pores are clogged, this level may be sufficient for you. If it doesn’t provide the results you want, you can slowly increase levels as your skin tolerates it. Don’t forget to moisturize after treatment to keep your skin supple and soft.

Pore vacuums aren’t a miracle cure for blackheads and enlarged pores. But they can make significant improvements in the cleanliness and appearance of your skin when used as directed. Use the information above to help you decide whether pore vacuuming is right for you.

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