How To Strengthen Teeth:  8 Folk Techniques

strengthen teeth

Since childhood, we have been told to take care of teeth. We brush them twice a day with professional toothpaste. Even visit the dentist every six months for preventive purposes. But still, if you have a regular problem with your teeth, it’s time to look for alternative methods.

In this article, we will tell you about the causes of teeth problems. You will also learn some folk methods to get rid of this scourge.

Causes Of Poor Oral Health

Bad habits can contribute to poor oral health of a person.

  • Coffee – It is harmless in small quantities. But if you drink more than 3 cups a day, it will negatively affect your gums.
  • Alcohol And Smoking – They not only paint the snow-white enamel brown but also thin its thickness. At the same time, it weakens the human immune system. Therefore, if you also have these bad habits, you should get detox treatment as early as possible.
  • Hot Food – Food that is too hot burns the gums and increases enamel sensitivity.
  • Irregular Cleaning Of The Oral Cavity – If you do not clean the teeth daily, then destructive caries can appear on the enamel.
  • Sugar – Nowadays, it is present in almost all foods. Therefore, due to their excessive use, tooth enamel gets damaged.

Folk Techniques To Strengthen Teeth

Of course, there are many medications that can heal the gums, but they are often expensive. Therefore, you can replace medicines with no less effective folk techniques. In this case, one should not forget about regular oral hygiene.

1.      Oak Bark

With the help of a solution from this remedy, you can accelerate wound healing. To do this, pour 5 grams of crushed oak bark into 100 ml of boiling water. Mix well and leave for about 10 hours. It will be better if you keep it in a thermos. Then filter and rinse with this tincture up to 5 times a day. Feel the effect after 5 days.

2.      Honey

Many people mistakenly believe that honey destroys enamel. It turns out that you can use it to strengthen them. To do this, it is enough to spread a little honey on the gums. In addition, you can make a tincture. For about half an hour, boil a little honey over low heat. Then they rinse the mouth every morning and evening with it.

3.      Sea Salt

With the help of salt, you can not only eliminate bleeding gums but also strengthen them well. You can buy this salt from any major supermarket. Dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water; rinse your mouth for about two minutes.

But you should do this after eating your meal. If you can’t find sea salt in stores you can use regular salt. However, in this, the effect will not be so good.

4.      Propolis

It is a disinfectant, due to which it heals the gums well. But the course of treatment should not exceed two weeks. For rinsing, mix a glass of hot water with one teaspoon of propolis. Then rinse your teeth with it up to five times a day for about two weeks. You can start the next course after two months.

5.      Fir Oil

This essential oil is known for its good disinfection property. To prepare a rinse solution, dissolve 2 grams of oil in 150 milliliters of warm water. Rinse your mouth three times a day after meals with this mixture.

6.      Burdock Root

Our grandparents used this method to get rid of diseases of the oral cavity. To get a decoction, pour a tablespoon of dried and chopped burdock into a half-liter jar of water. Boil for about 20 minutes, and then wait for the broth to cool.

Strain it from the grass before rinsing. Rinse daily in the morning and evening until the problem. Repeat this method daily till your teeth get better.

7.      Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil not only kills germs but also freshens the breath. To do this, mix a glass of water with three drops of essential oil and rinse it immediately. You should do this procedure every morning or evening. The course of use is unlimited.

8.      Garlic

Use garlic tincture twice a day and always after cleaning the mouth. To do this, grind a peeled medium-sized clove of garlic, pour 200 ml of boiling water, and add a teabag. After half an hour, filter and rinse the mouth for about five minutes. Repeat this procedure for two weeks.

Food To Eat

In addition to daily oral hygiene, you need to reconsider your diet. The healthy appearance of tooth enamel directly depends on it. To do this, it is desirable to include in the menu:

  • Fermented milk products, sesame seeds – They contain calcium, which strengthens not only bones but also enamel. But these products should be natural, not with substitutes.
  • Fish, apples – Recommended to be consumed daily because of the phosphorus they contain.
  • Corn porridge – It contains silicon, which strengthens the tooth enamel.
  • Potatoes, vegetable oil – Due to their high vitamin D content, they help the body to absorb phosphorus quickly.
  • Greens, chicken eggs, tomatoes – Vitamin A, contained in them, speeds up the metabolism in the body.
  • Citrus – Vitamin C improves blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the gums.


Not only good nutrition can improve oral health, but massage can also. During this procedure, movements should be smooth and not causing discomfort. First, warm up the fingers in any way, and then apply medicated toothpaste or pea-sized honey to the index finger.

Then massage the gums in a circular or horizontal motion for five minutes. If the movements are circular, then change their direction during each procedure should change; clockwise and counterclockwise.

Summing Up

To avoid problems with your teeth and gums, you need to take good care of them. However, still many tooth problems may arise due to our poor habits. However, by following folk techniques you can take care of your teeth and also strengthen them.

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