Price For Surrogacy: Answers To All Your Questions


Having a child is unconditional happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood. There are many reasons why this has become impossible. Some people are physically unable to do so, while others have decided not to give birth. In any case, surrogacy becomes a life jacket for everyone. Therefore, it is evident that there is always so much attention and questions around surrogacy. After all, something that fulfils such a critical mission cannot be invisible.

One of the most popular (and not surprising) questions is the price of surrogacy. Although money can’t measure the importance of this event, intended parents should understand how much it costs before embarking on a surrogacy journey. It is worth remembering that each situation and story is unique and therefore requires a personalized approach, an original set of services and solutions. That is why it is impossible to calculate the exact amount of surrogacy according to some simplified formula. After all, even if everything is thoroughly calculated and weighed, there is always a risk of encountering unforeseen situations that can increase the final amount of payments.

Surrogacy programs

All intended parents are looking for trusted people, humane and professional, who will help them go through the surrogacy process from the very beginning to the birth of the child and the legalization of all documents. It is unlikely that happy parents, holding their children in their arms, can remember that they were choosing surrogacy programs and only planning to have a child just a year ago. Over time, this is forgotten and no longer seems necessary, but we assure you there is no more responsible preparation process than choosing or creating a surrogacy program. This is the beginning when the foundation for the rest of the journey is laid. At this stage, the critical markers are prescribed, guided by which you embark on an unpredictable but crucial journey. Also, the approximate cost is calculated at this stage, which you can rely on. But remember, theory always differs from practice.

What is included in the average price?

You can be sure that surrogacy is one of the few ways to realize money so that you will never regret a single cent spent on it. After all, nothing is more valuable than the morning laughter of a child whose crib was hit by a ray of sunshine and made them wake up. And in doing so, it made everyone else wake up as well.

But returning to dry and practical numbers, we can single out several services that take up almost all the expense items.

  • 40% – Medical expenses
  • 20% – Lawyer advisement
  • 5% – Other costs

Dreams must come true—and especially so special ones.

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