Maximize Your Yields Growing Marijuana Autoflowers!

Marijuana Autoflowers

Marijuana Autoflowers: Cannabis autoflowers are the new craze in the weed world. They are associated with fast flowering periods and high yields. Every home grower wants that, right? Well, every cannabis grower wants to get the best out of their plants. And there are various tips to guide you in growing healthy autoflowers and maximize your yields.

Let’s check them out:

1. Plan adequately

Preparation is a critical step to growing all manner of plants. Think of the growing medium, lights, ventilation, and temperature required. Also, consider the nutrients and the grow space if planning to grow your weed indoors. Acquire all that you require, from the seeds to the pot mix and light bulbs. Only buy high-quality autoflowering seeds from reputed companies. This ensures optimal growth and healthy plants.

If unsure of the right growth accessories, seek help from seasoned cannabis growers before growing soaking the seeds in water.

Moreover, research on the best autoflowering seeds and know where to get them. Learn about the strains and the expected yields and gather as much information as possible.

2. Use well-draining containers

Your grow containers should be proportional to the plants. For medium-sized plants, use about 7 gallon containers and 11 gallons or more for big plants. Also, autoflowers thrive well in aerated soil, and it’s advisable to use breathable containers for optimal drainage.

3. Minimize the nutrients.

Most cannabis growers make a mistake when it comes to nutrient amounts. No matter how healthy you want your plants to be, don’t overload them with too many nutrients. Autoflowers have smaller roots and require fewer nutrients. Also, you risk burning your plants when you use too many nutrients or fertilizer.

How much nutrients should I use? Begin with small amounts and monitor how the plants respond. For example, if your chart recommends 10 ml per liter, start with 5ml or less and adjust accordingly.

4. The PH also matters!

The PH level affects the yields of your autoflowers. You’ll experience various issues with your plants when you have a PH imbalance. The best PH level for autoflowers ranges between 6.0-7.0. However, hydroponic systems can do well with a PH of 5.5-6.5.

Note that when the PH falls or rises above the required levels, the plants fail to absorb certain nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. And this results in unhealthy plants and lower yields.

5. Avoid transplanting

You may be tempted to grow your seeds and transplant them to another pot. This isn’t advisable when it comes to autoflowers. Transplanting can stunt growth and affect the overall plant yields. Grow autoflowers in their final containers. They mature really fast and may not have adequate time to recover when transplanted. If you must transplant, be sure to use the same soil medium. Moreover, transplant when the roots have grown to fill out in the pot.

Final thoughts

Marijuana Autoflowers: There are various ways to grow healthy cannabis autoflowers and get high yields. Only grow high-quality and limit the nutrients. Also, keep watch on the PH, humidity, and light levels. You’ll reap higher yields with minimal nutrients and the right amounts of nutrients and PH.

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