Longevity and NAD+ IV: What You Should Know in 2024 (Latest Research)

Longevity and NAD+ IV: What You Should Know in 2024 (Latest Research)

NAD+ IV: The intersection of scientific research and wellness pursuits has uncovered intriguing possibilities in the quest to prolong human health and youthfulness. One area garnering attention is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) intravenous therapy.

As part of the natural aging process, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels decrease in the body. The synthesis of energy, DNA repair, and the preservation of cellular health are just a few critical processes NAD+ makes possible. Age-related diseases have implicated the decline of NAD+ that comes with age.

As a critical player in regulating cellular metabolism and DNA repair, NAD+ demonstrates great potential in counteracting age-related decline. Decreased NAD+ levels have been associated with numerous disease states and loss of function as we age. The prospect of using NAD IV drip NYC to optimize this vital coenzyme, even later in life, has sparked keen interest from researchers and consumers.

What is NAD+, and Why Would It Help with Longevity?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, is a coenzyme essential for metabolic redox processes and present in all living cells. To put it in simpler terms, NAD+ is necessary for life and aids in producing energy from our food. Our levels of NAD+ naturally decrease with age.

Potential Benefits

Anti-Aging Effects

Intravenous administration of the NAD+ coenzyme is an area of great interest in anti-aging research. Lead scientists like David Sinclair and Andrea Maier have published studies showing promising cellular rejuvenation results from NAD+ infusion therapy in animal models.

These early research findings have shown that directly elevating NAD+ levels appears to “reset” aging cells, restoring more youthful structure and function in tissue samples. Some age-related declines reversed include measures like mitochondrial function, inflammatory response, and genomic stability.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

NAD is essential for preserving the best possible brain health and enabling brain cells to respond to varying degrees of stress. The administration of NAD through IV infusion promotes healthy brain aging and boosts cognitive function.

Research published in the Neuroscience Bulletin by Feifei Li, Chou Wu &Gelin Wangindicates that the utilization of NAD supplementation via IV infusion therapy can effectively attenuate this progression, leading to improvements in neurodegenerative conditions.

Elevates Organ Performance

Intravenous NAD therapy positively influences the operations of vital organs at the cellular level. It specifically improves liver function, mitigating the buildup of fats and lipids that threaten liver health.

Maintaining adequate NAD levels is crucial for optimal heart function, aiding injury recovery. Research published in the National Library of Medicine reveals that replenishing NAD+ levels in aged or diseased animals demonstrates potential in enhancing health and prolonging lifespan.

Improves Athletic Performance

NAD infusion therapy has found application among athletes seeking to elevate their performance during training and competitive events due to its capacity to boost energy. This therapy aids in muscle recovery and promotes overall muscle health.

Moreover, NAD contributes to enhanced vascular performance, optimizing the supply of blood vessels to muscles during physical activity.

Possible Risks

Serious side effects from high-dose NAD+ infusions, such as severe liver damage and even death, have been reported in a few case reports. Researchers are currently developing protocols for monitoring liver enzymes and implementing appropriate screening in NAD+ therapy.

Regarding consumer protection, the NAD+ treatment market is still mainly uncontrolled. Clinics differ significantly regarding treatment standards, practitioner qualifications, purity testing procedures, and product sourcing. Before contemplating NAD+ infusions, be sure to investigate any facility properly.


The field of study on using NAD+ infusions as an anti-aging strategy will continue to advance quickly. However, for the time being, the best course of action for people considering NAD+ IV therapy is cautious optimism. Prioritize improving the foundations of your lifestyle before looking into any possible extra benefits, always staying within dosage ranges and setting realistic expectations.

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