How To Use Books To Get Your Kid Excited About Science?


If you have a child with a restless mind who does not stop asking you questions about the why of things, enjoys doing experiments, or reading everything that falls into his hands about science, today we want to propose some essential titles that should not be missing in your library.

Kids can become loyal readers for many different reasons: an essential book captivates them, parents offer them exciting books, as seen on Besides, parents set an example with their reading behavior, or they like to follow their favorite TV characters’ adventures also on the books.

There are many tricks to bring science closer to the little ones. Here are a few practical tips to get them excited about science :

From Reading Parents, Reading Children

As in any other field, fathers and mothers influence that their daughters appreciate reading when they share their love for literature. They learn by imitation, so if their parents model good reading behavior, they will be interested in books naturally and early.

In the homes of great readers, there are shelves full of books. They always have a book at hand, enjoy reading at home. Moreover, on vacation, they read before going to bed regularly, go to the library and bookstores, and that the most exciting family story you have read lately.

Having adult readers around you will make the little ones in the house feel much more tempted to pick up a story and feel integrated into their environment by sharing their hobbies.

If your kids are inclined towards technology, you can make them use tablets and download E-books from the pirate bay. Kids take to technological aids well, and if they do not prefer physical books, then this is a great way to make them pick up reading and learning.

The Sooner, The Better

Like any other habit, reading is instilled. We can start reading to them since they are kids, so they get used to it. This comes naturally to families when children are young, but it is essential to maintain this practice as they grow.

Kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and the first school grades all love to sit on our laps, snuggle next to us, or fall asleep in bed while enjoying our voice and pretty pictures in stories.

All this encourages them to associate positive and enjoyable feelings with books, which will boost their interest and passion for literature from their first years of life.

There are stories made of fabric or thick cardboard, with different textures, drop-down, and die-cut that can begin to manipulate.

Stories like La cauga glotona or El Pollo Pepe and science fiction are real sales phenomena in children’s literature that will give them hours of entertainment and fun while also encouraging their early interest in books.

Read Stories Aloud

It may not be much fun having to read your daughter’s favorite book thousands of times, but it is essential to do so. And do it willingly! You will remember those moments, that closeness, and the story.

In addition to reading them stories to become familiar with the stories and get used to following a plot thread, we can also read the books that are not precisely fiction to awaken their curiosity.

From the age of 3, we can choose stories with moral and enriching books that convey values. Certain publishers such as Kalandraka, Cuatro Nuercas, or Kókinos, are specialized in this type of content and have precious stories about diversity, tolerance, respect, equality, teamwork, personal development, feelings, etc.

Many parents think that when their children learn to read independently, they no longer need to read aloud. But boys and girls still benefit from this reading by listening to the rhythm of language and correct pronunciation. It also helps them relax and strengthens the family bond.

Specific collections such as A Sick Day for Amos McGee and Goodnight Moon have been specially conceived for adults and children to share their literature passion. Adventure, humor, mystery, planets, or science fiction books are perfect for that.

Present Series Or Trilogies

It is a fairly common thing for youngsters to become lifelong book lovers after getting caught up in reading a series. There are plenty of good sagas that keep children’s interest in reading the next book on the edge!
Perhaps the most famous of them all is that of Harry Potter. Still, the Elmer series for the little ones, the Geronimo Stilton saga for young readers, or the Percy Jackson series for teenagers are also fantastic options. And there are many more! The Chronicles of Narnia, The Footballers, Dragon Princesses.

Choose Genres And Books About The Things Kids Likes

Boys and girls go through different phases of preference on the topics they are passionate about suspense, adventure, humor, science fiction, or fantasy. There are no bad stories. Don’t get hung up on them reading the classics or volumes of “great literature.” The important thing is that they devour books!

If your kids love horses, space rockets, sports or nature, monsters, scary or detective stories, do specific searches online to find age-appropriate books on her favorite topics.

Besides, it is always possible to find help and advice on any subject with the customer service people in specialized libraries and bookstores. And if your children are old enough to choose for themselves, let them do it.

Nurture A Love For A Favorite Author Or Character

Once they find a writer they like or a favorite character, they may want to read all of their books. This is a great excuse to encourage them to read. Authors like Roald Dahl and characters like the Ñac-Ñac Book-Eating Monster help foster a love of reading in young and young readers.

Humor Is A Good Strategy

Some parents don’t know whether to let their children read Captain Underpants, Pipi Longstocking, and other comedy books about boys and girls getting in trouble.

In these cases, we can talk to our children about the content, but we must bear in mind that they want to read these books because they are fun, not because they want to imitate the characters’ actions. Humor is a great way to encourage a love of books!

Yes, Comics Count Too

Comics and graphic novels are some of the most popular trends in the children ‘s publishing industry and can make children hooked on reading. Besides taking care of their illustrations and stories in detail, some outstanding publishers promote culture through comics and science fiction stories.

The illustrated album also has its following of admirers. Copies such as The Color Monster or Wild have excited readers of all ages worldwide. This format is perfect for reading with the family or before going to bed.

Make Reading A Habit

Reserve time to read at least one story a day as a family and turn off the television, computer, and mobile during the reading time. If we get the reading time focused on that and nothing else, it will be easier for the little ones not to disperse and appreciate the stories that appear in the books.

Learn how to promote a taste for reading in your children, how and when to start introducing them to books, encouraging the reading habit, and what books we can present to them at each stage with the Online Seminar.

To create a regular reading habit, at the beginning (especially when they are very young), it helps a lot to choose a vital moment of the day, always around the same time, to incorporate reading as part of their daily routine.
It is also good to establish time and space for reading during the holidays and weekends and read on their own before going to bed.


In conclusion, Even children who do not want to be scientists, engineers, or computer technicians will need science to cope in a fast-changing situation. However, our kids will not be prepared for these changes without our support.

It is up to you, mom or dad, that your child is motivated by science. Buy him educational games and develop new ones that spark his imagination. Remember that a Nobel Prize winner in physics earned his achievements thanks to his mother’s questions when he was little.

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