Key Considerations for Finding the Right Compounding Pharmacy in Sandy, Utah

compounding pharmacy

In a world where individuality is celebrated, so should healthcare. Your health and well-being deserve personalized attention based on your specific health condition.

Through compounded medication, you can get precise dose adjustments, remove unnecessary additives, and create alternative formulations.

However, not all pharmacies in Sandy offer compounding services, making it crucial to find the right one.

This editorial will guide you towards finding the ideal compounding pharmacy in Sandy, Utah.

Check PCAB or PCCA Accreditation

When it comes to your health and well-being, checking your pharmacy’s PCAB or PCCA accreditation is invaluable.

These accreditations show that your pharmacy sources its compounds from trusted suppliers and follows the set guidelines for each compound preparation for the best possible clinical outcome.

In addition, these accreditations set quality standards, ensure the adherence to quality assurance, continuous improvement within compounding facilities and equipment, staff competency, among others.

Check the Quality and Source of Chemicals

Your pharmacy should prioritize working with the best suppliers to ensure they use standard ingredients. A pharmacy that is PCCA accredited means that each of its ingredients have a certificate of analysis.

PCCA is registered by FDA and its chemicals are inspected during packaging and labeling. This means, everything including chemicals, base, and formula used in every preparation meets the required standards.

Well-Trained and Qualified Staff

All licensed pharmacies are required to offer compounding services. However, some compounded prescriptions are referred to specialty compounding pharmacies.

These pharmacies have compounding pharmacists who undergo special training to handle complex medication needs.

There are different specializations in the compounding field depending on the type of medications needed.

The medication field is getting more intricate; pharmacists require increased training for safe and effective compounding.

Some of the training includes sterile compounding, veterinary compounding, a solid understanding of compounding pharmacy laws to ensure they follow the necessary regulations.

Batch Testing

Compounding pharmacies are required to do batch testing to ensure compliance and safety. They either conduct the testing in-house or opt for an external batch testing agency.

The testing process is rigorous and prevents errors when mixing the formulations. It verifies that the compounded prescriptions are accurately formulated, contain the correct ingredients and quantities, and meet the set quality and safety standards.

Sterile Professional Environment

For safety reasons, the compounding pharmacy should have a controlled environment, known as a cleanroom, where temperature, humidity, and pressure are carefully regulated.

The aim is to prevent any harmful pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, vapors, or particles from contaminating your medicine.

The cleanroom has a special filter called a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. This filter traps particles that are 0.3 micron and larger in size, ensuring that the air is cleanroom free and clean from contaminants.

To determine if a compounding pharmacy meets the highest standards of quality, you can ask about the cleanroom’s compliance with the USP 797 or USP 800 chapters.

These are guidelines set by the United States Pharmacopeia to ensure safe compounding.


When searching for compounding pharmacies, it’s crucial to prioritize the above factors. They will guide you in choosing the right compounding pharmacy Sandy, Utah, that can meet your specific medication needs with the highest standards of quality and personalized care.

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