How To Style A Wig? Tips To Style Curly Wigs

Are you struggling to find a way to style your wig? That’s not only your problem; many wig wearers find it hard to style their wigs. Many women get their first wigs, but they don’t know how and where to start styling a wig. A wig plays an important role in changing the whole look and style of a person. In the market, two types of wigs are available: first, human hair wigs; and second, synthetic wigs. So, if you own a wig or many, then it is very important for you to know “how to style a wig?”. Today, in this article, we will discuss all the tips for styling curly wigs.

Tips to style curly wigs

Wearing a wig can be a complex process for newbies, as during the installation process, you may damage your wig. To take full advantage of wigs’ versatility, you must be aware of tips for styling your wigs. With the help of our article, you will get to know the right method and tips for styling curly wigs which are listed below:

1.Experiment with different colors:

Why not switch to a new hair-colored wig? With the right styling method, you can achieve a natural look by wearing a new coloured hair wig. You must not limit yourself to your natural hair colour. If you are afraid of damaging your hair due to dye or bleaching, then you can try it out on a wig. A wide range of coloured wigs are available on the market, or you can also dye your wig to get a new hair colour. So don’t miss out by sticking to your natural hair color.

2.Use a flat iron:

On a human hair wig, you can use a flat iron, which is a tool to style natural curls to generate greater volume in your wig’s hair. Due to the volume in hair, it gives your wig more lift and body. But please don’t overheat your wig. Many people abuse their wigs as they’re not trying on their own hair. But just like your natural hair, it also gets damaged due to excess heat and abuse. Therefore, using a flat iron at a low temperature can also give a gorgeous look and add volume to a wig.

3.Keep your wig neat & tidy:

Maintaining the cleanliness of a wig is very important to its longevity. Always brush your curly hair wig with a perfect-sized tool to avoid any mats or tangles. While detangling, always be gentle with your wig and never tear or pull the hair. While maintaining the neatness of a curly wig, make sure to give it a wash once a week. If you do not wash your wig from time to time, it can become damaged and its hair can start falling off. To ensure the perfect look and longevity of your curly wig, try to regularly detangle, wash, condition, and style your wig.

4.Never stick to a single style:

A wide range of curly wigs is available on the market. If you can’t afford all of them, why not try different styles on a single wig that you already own? If you are a beginner, first style your wig hair on a mannequin, then after styling your wig hair, you can just simply wear it on your head. Switching to different styles gives you a new look.

5.Put on a wig cap

A wig cap is very advantageous for wig wearers with total hair loss. A wig cap provides a protective layer against the irritation caused by the wig being worn directly on a bare scalp for a long period of time and also provides a grip for the wig to stick on your head, thus avoiding slippering. No slippering of the wig also gives you confidence because it will stay on your head without slipping.Due to a wig cap, your natural hair stays underneath the cap in one place due to the way the wig sits much better on the head and provides a more natural look for you.

6.Use special products for curly wigs:

If you own a curly hair wig, then don’t use alcohol-based products as they can make wig hair brittle and frizzy due to the dryness caused by alcohol. While washing curly hair wigs, make sure that the shampoos and conditioners are sulphate and paraben free to protect the hair strands. After washing, always apply moisture-rich products such as conditioner to remove the tangles after washing using a soft brush or a wide-tooth comb.

7.Moderate water temperature:

Whenever you wash your wigs, make sure that the water is not too cold or too hot. Because cold water can cause frizziness, which will ruin the curls of the wig, you will no longer be able to open it. On the other hand, too much hot water can damage the cuticle, causing the hair to shed and become tangled and broken. Therefore, warm water with a moderate temperature of around 40 degrees or less is good, which will make the hair soft and bouncy.

8.Make Your Wig More Eye-Catching

Although the natural curls of a wig already look beautiful, you can still make them look more attractive and beautiful by adding accessories to your hair. You can use scarves, hair bands, designer clips, tiaras, ribbons, and many more to add more beauty to your wig. As with the beautiful accessories you choose, the wig will look better on your head. Countless accessories are available on the market. You can buy any of them as per your needs.


There are a number of ways to style a curly wig that we have already discussed. A wig can help us protect our natural hair and, moreover, provide us with unparalleled versatility of style and a boost of confidence. Wearing a wig can look good on you, and it can help keep your hair looking healthy and bright. If you require more information regarding wigs, then make sure to visit our other blog posts. We regularly post articles related to wigs, so don’t forget to visit our other pages too.

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