4 Great Healthcare Careers That Don’t Necessitate an Advanced Degree

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Many people would love to work in healthcare but are intimidated by all the work it takes to get into the field. Getting into medical or nursing schools is notoriously difficult, and not everyone can afford them.

But you should know that there are tons of healthcare jobs you can fill with little credentials, and some don’t even require you to have a unique formation.

Let’s look at a few great healthcare careers that don’t require an advanced degree.

Senior Living or Nursing Home CNA

Senior living jobs are some of the best for people who’d like to work in healthcare but don’t have too much experience and don’t want to go through a lengthy degree.

For instance, you could become a certified nurse assistant and provide basic care to patients in facilities. These positions only require you to go through a short course, get a little bit of clinical experience, and pass a test.

One such test is the CNA exam, which typically presents moderate difficulty for individuals with a strong knowledge base. Fortunately, a wealth of online resources aid in your preparation.

These resources include numerous reading materials tailored to CNA exam content and more than five free full-length CNA practice exams to help you study effectively. These resources will provide ample opportunities to reinforce your knowledge and enhance your readiness for the CNA exam.

Once you pass that test, you’ll be able to find jobs as a CNA in practically any senior living facility. There are many other sectors where CNAs are employed, so don’t hesitate to look at the options available and see which one fits your profile.

Food Service Worker

Many healthcare facilities will allow people to work in their food service departments with minimal experience. And, if you need some experience, it will usually not need to be that long or specialized.

So, if you’ve worked in the food business before, even if it was a basic job, you could qualify for many food service worker positions in hospitals and healthcare centers.

You could be asked to prepare food trays for patients or bring heating units to the floors. Or you could work in the cafeteria and service staff, patients, and visitors.

This is a great position for people who love working with the public and want to make a difference at the ground level.

Home Health Aide

If your goal is to help patients in need directly, then you could always look for a home health aide job. The job of a residence health aide is to care for patients and help them perform duties they don’t have the ability or energy to perform themselves.

This can include bathing, dressing, or doing the laundry, among others. Some home health aides will also give snacks and cook full meals for the patients based on their doctor’s recommendations.

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Salesperson

Pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies constantly look for people to sell their products and treatments.

If you have some skills or experience as a salesperson, you can work as a pharmaceutical or medical equipment salesperson, even if you have little knowledge of the field.

You should know, however, that these companies will privilege people with experience in healthcare.

So, if you’re a nursing student looking for a method to supplement your income, going for a salesperson position could be a great idea.

These healthcare jobs are accessible to most people in the country with a high school diploma or equivalent. Consider them if you want to work in the field but wouldn’t qualify for a degree program.

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