Why Is It Best to Combine Facelift and Necklift Surgery?


For patients who have noticed their neck and jowls drooping, a neck lift combined with a facelift procedure may be an effective way to address the issue. Neck Lifts are designed to tighten and strengthen muscles in your décolletage, while facelifts help you reverse wrinkles on the lower part of your face. Combined, these two surgeries can work together to provide much-desired improvements in one’s appearance.

1. To Achieve an Elegant and Balanced Appearance

Many patients desire an elevated, more youthful, and elegant appearance. One of the primary ways that facelifts and neck lifts can help you achieve this is through their ability to lift the face up and back. A facelift can smooth some of the jowl lines and round out your cheekbones, while a neck lift can help tighten muscles in your neck to add definition and balance. Additionally, a facelift and necklift together may take away additional wrinkles from surrounding areas such as your cheeks or forehead.

2. Reducing the Recovery Period

While facelifts and neck lifts can both be vital tools for rejuvenating figures, it’s important to note that many patients have expressed interest in minimizing the recovery period. Fortunately, our website can help you better understand your options for minimizing downtime! One way to do this is to combine a facelift and a neck lift. A recovery period for both these procedures may take as little as three weeks, allowing you to return to work and social life much quicker than if you had only undergone one procedure!

3. The Necklift is a Quicker Procedure than the Facelift Surgery

Although there is little time difference between a facelift and a neck lift procedure, the neck lift procedure is typically quicker than the facelift surgery. Therefore, if one wishes to have an effective and fast turnaround time after surgery, a combined procedure may be beneficial as it can introduce faster recovery times.

4. Saving Money on Downtime and Post-Operative Care

You are charged anesthesia and operating room fees when undergoing any surgical procedure. Bundling the facelift surgery with the neck lift procedure can minimize the fee stack up as you will pay only a single fee. Additionally, the combined procedure can save you money on costs associated with your recovery, including finances spent on your post-operative care!

5. Not Only Successful but Also Lasting

Combining both a facelift and necklift procedure is not only successful but also long-lasting. Facelifts and neck lifts are designed to work together to deliver fast and lasting improvements in one’s appearance. The combined procedure can have fast results because it works to strengthen muscles in your neck, while the facelift is designed to help lift your face.

6. Less Anesthesia is Better

Following anesthesia, you may feel uncomfortable upon waking after having a facelift. However, much of this discomfort diminishes over time. Pairing a facelift with a necklift surgery is even better because it allows patients to go home faster after their procedure and have less anesthesia required to recover.

Factors to Consider Before Undergoing a Facelift and Necklift Procedure

Before undergoing a facelift and necklift procedure, you must first identify your desired results. There are several factors to consider before undergoing a facelift and necklift procedure.

1. Age

The age of your skin can be an essential factor in determining how well you can heal. For example, those with younger skin may experience better results than those with older skin. However, patients of all ages can enjoy a successful recovery from a facelift surgery.

2. The duration that facelifts and necklift last

The facelift may last for ten years, and your face may start aging and losing elasticity and structure. If you have had facelift surgery in the past, your skin may be more receptive to spontaneous healing and recovery. However, you should ensure that the benefits of combined procedures outweigh the risks before undergoing a combined procedure.

3. Is there enough jowl/cheek tissue to lift ?

Jowl or cheek tissue is important because its volume plays a role in jowl enhancement. If you have only mild facial volume, you may not be necessary to undergo a facelift and necklift procedure together.

Tips for Safe Recovery After a Facelift and Necklift Surgery

1. Choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon

Before choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with at least 3 years of experience performing these procedures, you should research and ask for feedback from other patients.

2. Never rush the recovery process

The healing process can take up to a year, so patience is important as your healing progresses. Remember that each stage of recovery is as important as the previous one and that rushing the healing schedule can put you at risk for complications and setbacks.

3. Eat Healthy Food and Exercise Regularly

The facelifts and necklifts that a plastic surgeon performs can only reach full effect if you ensure that you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It will help if you eat a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fat, dairy products, and vegetables to help your body achieve the best possible shape after an active recovery period is completed. It will also be essential to plan your meals around your appointments’ daily timing to get the best results when undergoing surgery.

4. Appointments are very important

You should follow up with your plastic surgeon twice a month for the first three weeks after surgery. Many patients wait months to schedule their appointments.

5. Speak with your plastic surgeon

If you have a question or concern, you should speak with your plastic surgeon as early as possible before or after your scheduled visits.


Neck lifts and facelifts should be considered in tandem. They both complement each other and give you long-lasting results. If you are interested in rejuvenating your look, consider the benefits of the facelift and necklift procedure together. You will have less recovery time and still have rapid results.

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