All-On-4 Dental Implants: Advantages And Disadvantages

Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants are a treatment option for people with missing teeth who cannot use typical removable dentures. The treatment is becoming popular in adults and the elderly with edentulous jaws (toothless jaws).

Dental Implants

The All-on-4 procedure consists of the following steps:

1) extraction of all-natural teeth,

2) replacement of these teeth with 4 titanium screws implanted in the jawbone,

3) bone grafting and at least one additional surgery to allow the jawbone to re-establish itself around the screws (osteointegration),

4) placement of fixed or removable dental prostheses on top of the four screws.

Typically, conventional implants take a much longer time to manifest osseointegration, and, in such cases, patients can be placed on immediate load (to place the implants while waiting for osseointegration). Besides this, Aria Dental can be the perfect option to choose for the best dental implants services.


1) The procedure is faster because there is no need to remove teeth from the upper jaw as they are not used for implant placement.

2) It has been suggested that All 4 dental implants result in less postoperative pain than traditional implants.

3) Since there is no surgery done inside the mouth, there are fewer surgical complications like infection, reduced healing time and reduced risk of damage to surrounding tissues. The wound heals more quickly after surgery (healing time is reduced from months to a few days).

4) Simplicity of the surgical procedure, which means lower cost. This means that neither your health insurance nor your dentist will have a say in whether you get this implant treatment or not.

5) The fixed dental prostheses attached directly to the implants look more aesthetically pleasing due to their seamless appearance and because it seems like patients have all their natural teeth.

6) In terms of maintenance, All on 4 Dental Implants should last considerably longer than traditional dental implants since there is less strain-related stress occurring at the tooth-implant interface.


1) Patients with one or two missing back teeth may be better off staying with removable dentures rather than with implants to replace the missing teeth.

2) The All on 4 dental implant procedure is more expensive than a standard dental implant.

3) All on 4 Dental Implants are only suitable for people with edentulous jaws with a high ridge, enough bone volume and proper tissue type (healthy gum tissues).

4) The cost of All on 4 implant treatment depends solely on the dentist’s fees meaning that patients may end up paying much more than they had expected. This also means that you should check your local area to see how much an implant surgery would cost you locally before going ahead with this kind of treatment.

5) Patients who have poor general health or systemic conditions which can affect wound healing may not be suitable for this treatment.

The All-on-4 process is much faster than placing traditional dental implants. One reason is that there are no symptoms of chronic pain during the healing stages after surgery and because all 4 implants can be placed at once with a single surgery. Some surgeons claim that the patient’s recovery period is reduced by 80–90% compared to traditional implant placement surgery. In addition, there is evidence that this procedure has resulted in lower complication rates than conventional implants.

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