4 Genius Hacks To Revive Dried Mascara

After a minefield of mascara testing and zig-zagging your eyelashes and rescinding one or two before finally getting your hands on the perfect mascara that is perfect for your requirements. This is the perfect mascara that is extremely light, but increases length, and volume and fulfills your every lash need. However, the wand you love will sometimes become dry, clumpy, and less effective before the expiration date. It’s annoying, right! What if you could revive that mascara to its original form? Don’t throw away your favorite mascara, try these tricks instead!

Before that, what is the reason why your mascara dries out in such a short time?

Let the facts be known, mascara has the least shelf-life of all the products you use for your beauty, and you should throw it away after three months of use. After all, it’s a liquid formulation that is more likely to develop bacteria than powders and more complicated variations. Now having identified the issue, let’s look into what causes your mascara to dry up quickly.

  1. In excess of pumping: Any makeup expert will inform you that every time you push your wand into the tube for mascara and push air into it, thus drying the formula further. Additionally, numerous bacteria thrive in oxygen, and when you push air in the tube, it causes it to become more infected. How do you make use of it? Simply grab the wand and press it into the side of the tube. You can swirl the brush and put the product along the edges.
  2. Do not close the mascara cap. It’s stated clearly on the label that you must close the cap to prevent drying. If it’s not shut correctly, it will let the heat and air enter the makeup, which makes the liquid very thick. Make sure to seal the mascara.

After we’ve made sure to take precautions, let’s focus on the solution. Learn about 4 ways to get rid of dry mascara!

#1: Lens Solution Hack

For those who wear contacts, this trick will be the best method for revitalizing dry mascara. A few drops of saline contact solution or drops for the eyes will create a smooth formula suitable for safe eyes. Begin by adding two drops of the contact solution to the tube. After that, warm the makeup by gently rolling it between your palms for about a moment. This will loosen the dense formula. Add more drops based on the quantity of mascara remaining in the bottle.

#2: The Hot Water Hack

One of the most simple and effective tricks is keeping your mascara wet in hot water. The thick formula melts and makes your mascara look brand new. Fill your coffee cup with hot water, then put the tube into it for a couple of minutes. Make sure that the lid is tight shut so that that water won’t enter. If your spoolie contains dry, flaky, and hard-to-clean formula, Hot water can ensure it is clean and sparkling.

#3: Aloe Vera Gel Hack

Are you looking for a trick that doesn’t just fix your mascara but also provides nourishment for your eyelashes? Try aloe gel. Put a couple of drops of gel from aloe into the mascara tube and shake it vigorously for about two minutes. Be sure that the aloe gel doesn’t contain any chemicals since it could harm your eyes. Add more drops according to the consistency of the product. Let it sit and swirl.

#4 Nourishing Oil Hack

The final trick is to include oil in the recipe. It is an excellent supply of vitamin E and fatty acids that nourish the eyelashes and provide the lashes with much-needed nourishment. It helps smooth the cuticles and enhances the shine and luster of your lashes. Also, adding this amazing oil to your mascara tube will make the formula liquid and is healthy for your mascara. Many people make use of olive or castor oil to restore mascara’s OG consistency of mascara. These oils are safe for the skin and can make your lashes more full vibrant, and healthy. Incorporate a few drops of the oil into the solution, then swirl.

As we’ve mentioned, mascara comes with a shorter shelf lifespan, so be careful and throw it out before the expiration date because your gorgeous eyes must be protected.

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