Yoga And Svasthya Yoga – Definition, Concepts, And What Is It?

Yoga And Svasthya Yoga – Definition, Concepts, And What Is It?

Definition Of Yoga

Definition Of Yoga

The Term Yoga Use To Designate Two Issues.

First Issue

On the one hand, this is the name of one of the six traditional doctrines of Hinduism.

Which consists of a set of physical-mental disciplines that destine to achieve spiritual perfection and union with the absolute, because of those who hold a particular posture religious.

The association or integration of the individual soul with God is to the maximum that aspires, while and on the contrary, those who more than anything present a rationalist type posture.

The maximum achievement to be achieved will be the development of spiritual consciousness, something like knowing the origin of nature and the destiny of being.

Second Issue

And on the other hand, in the current language, people use the term yoga to refer to the set of practices derived from this ancient discipline.

Which are oriented so that the people who practice them obtain more excellent and better control of their bodies, for a part, and on the other hand, mental concentration?

Nowadays, it is a widespread activity that concentrates as many followers as gymnastics and its types, since the people who practice it find in it a kind of escape from everyday worries and stress.

As we mentioned above, was first developed in India about five thousand years ago in the hands of the great sages of this culture.

Also who argued that they had to prepare their bodies for meditation through a series of exercises and postures, which would facilitate concentration for the duration of the reflection in question.

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The result of these exercises was to unite the mind with the body and the spirit. Besides to reach a state in which the mind is clear and ready for introspection and for its part.

And the body, pure and healthy to go through that state, that is to say, a general welfare state.

The pillars that it finds to reach the long-awaited relaxation will be deep breaths and stretching of the body, legs, arms.

Types of Yoga

Types of Yoga

The Most Popular Types.

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga in itself will report neither health nor tranquility magically to the person who practices it, but also must be accompanied by a balanced diet, time the air free, exercise, and practice patience.

Definition of Svasthya-Yoga

Definition of Svasthya-Yoga

This is an ancient discipline that comes from India and aims at the balance of the body and mind.

Through a series of movements, exercises, and relaxation techniques.

The practitioner can achieve a balance between the corporal and the emotional and an improvement in his spiritual dimension.

As is the case with a massage or martial arts, there is no single modality, so Svasthya yoga is one more among the ways to practice and understand it.

General Principles Of It

The name popularly knows this method of advanced or ancient Yoga, and its initiator was the Brazilian teacher, who implemented it in the second half of the 20th century.

The main objective is to achieve high alertness, which is sometimes called hyper consciousness.

It is more technical than other types of Yoga, but it incorporates less mysticism.

At the same time, it has a direct relationship with Hinduism’s Tantrism.

From the material point of view, its effects enhance flexibility and increase vitality and energy through the introduction of choreography.

In this sense, the masters of it maintain that this modality should not be confused with gymnastics or with Western physical education.

Health Benefits

Svasthya yoga and Yoga provide a series of health benefits. And a better body position and especially in the back, a reduction in joint pain, and greater stress control.

It should note that Svasthya yoga and Yoga do not cure diseases. But can alleviate symptoms and provide an improvement in general health.

It is suitable for those who have a bright, gregarious feeling. And that is, which are not individualistic but feel part of humanity.

Furthermore, it recommends for those individuals who already have a profound ethical attitude and a high sense of personal responsibility.

At the same time, Swasthya yoga and Yoga connects with people. Besides those who value justice, seek the truth, and take a courageous posture towards life.

For Teachers

Teachers of this discipline also value that practitioners seek joy as an essential aspect. Since it aims at the pursuit of happiness.

Thus, whoever does not identify with these ideas and values. So it is better to practice another type of Yoga or other activity.

In general, Swathya yoga and Yoga are interesting for intellectual, dynamic, creative, and enterprising people.


It is the best medicine problem. As you practice Yoga, it helps you to improve your physical, maintaining and relaxing your mind. This is not just a one-day practice. It’s a lifelong commitment. It has improved our health. Also, it keeps us away from many-body problems like headaches, fever, body pain, etc. And it has been a chance in the body. If you do it daily, you will enjoy a peaceful and healthy life.


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