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What Foods Contain Linoleic Acid

Linoleic Acid

We will tell you what foods contain linoleic acid in their composition and what this fatty acid is for. Its properties are more than interesting, so incorporating it into the diet is a great decision.

Numerous foods include linoleic acid. This lipid has cardiovascular health advantages, and it suggested that it could be positive in setting a weight loss goal.

The truth is that it is essential for health, which must be present in a varied diet to help prevent chronic diseases. Some nutrition professionals recommend supplementation with linoleic acid to supplement the diet, although it can obtain through food.

The Linoleic Acid Found in Vegetables.

Linoleic Acid

The plant foods are the major sources of linoleic acid. Particularly, nuts and oils rich in this lipid. However, it is also possible to find it in eggs and some cereals.

Seed oils also contain this fatty acid, although there are experts who discourage consumption regularly and much more frying with this type of fat. The adverse effects of the other lipid components may outweigh the benefits.

To guarantee the correct intake of linoleic acid in the diet, it is essential to ensure that it is varied. Enter nuts, as a general rule, the snacks mid-morning and afternoon snack, is an effective option to fulfill that purpose.

In any case, we must not forget that this lipid belongs to the omega 6 fatty acids group. The intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids must be balanced to avoid inflammatory states. Research published in the journal nutrients states this. Losing this balance could result in a risk factor for the development of obesity.
The presence of linoleic acid in nuts is abundant, and they represent its best source.

Eating Foods with Linoleic Acid Reduces the Risk of Getting Sick

Considerations, such as the one published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, associate the regular consumption of foods rich in linoleic acid with a reduction in some types of cancer, especially breast cancer.

However, the evidence for this relationship is not entirely robust, so it needs to investigate more thoroughly.
More recent reviews also relate to regular consumption of the nutrient with a lower risk of developing obesity and atherosclerosis.

An article published in the Nutrients magazine in 2019 establishes a possible long-term correlation for reducing risks in chronic non-communicable diseases. It seems clear that consuming healthy fats is a protective factor against the development of various diseases. This type of lipid includes all those that have not undergone heat treatment, a process by which they transform into trans, losing their quality.

Linoleic Acid

Consume it in a Proportionate Way

Notwithstanding the advantages associated with the consumption of linoleic acid, supplementation with this substance cannot recommend artificially. The inclusion of foods that contain linoleic acid in its composition is enough to experience positive effects.

As we have already said, we must not forget that this lipid belongs to the group of omega 6, part of the family of all omega. When a fatty acid balance not reached in the body, certain beneficial inflammatory effects disappear.

Thus, and to promote cardiovascular health, it is essential to include products rich in omega 3 lipids in the diet, such as avocado, extra virgin olive oil, or bluefish. Among the latter, it is preferable to choose small-sized ones since they contain less heavy metals. Intake of linoleic acid must be balanced in the diet to obtain its maximum benefits.

Eat Foods that Contain Linoleic Acid

To improve health and reduce the incidence of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, it is important to introduce linoleic acid foods. These nutrients have positive effects when ingested regularly.

The best sources are plant origin products, such as nuts, seeds, or even whole grains. Anyway, avoid buying those that have been, since this feature could decrease their quality of health.

However, despite the beneficial health effects of this lipid, there is no evidence suggesting that artificial supplementation with tablets or pills intended for this purpose. These presentations would not be useful for treating chronic diseases.

The fatty acids provide a varied and balanced diet should be enough to cover the basic requirements. So focus on modifying your dietary guidelines and start enjoying the properties of linoleic acid.

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