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Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets for Beginners?

Bearded dragons are quickly becoming a popular pet preference for many reptile enthusiasts. Getting a reptile pet can be intimidating and seem weird for any first-time pet parent. Before buying them on and putting them in reptile enclosures, you should familiarize yourself with the necessary husbandry skills.

Bearded dragons can make an ideal pet for most beginners because of their unique qualities. Here are some of the reasons they make great pets for beginners:

They Are Diurnal

Most reptiles are dormant during the day and often more active at night. Nocturnal animals can be hard to have as pets since they want to be more active at night.

Bearded dragons are among the few diurnal reptiles. They remain active throughout the day. You can handle and pet them comfortably when the sun is out as they will rest at night.

Sociable and Receptive to Handling

Many first-time pet owners deal with animal aggression if they don’t know how to handle their pets. Bearded dragons are sociable animals. These lizards show a calm temperament and are often passive rather than aggressive.

The ability of bearded dragons to enjoy human interactions makes them ideal pets. If you handle them gently, dragons will often show some affection. Bonding can take time, so be patient with your dragon as it adjusts to the new environment.

Note: Bearded dragons can bite when they feel threatened, but this rarely happens. Aside from this, the animals are known as some of the most peaceful options for reptile pets.


Your bearded dragon has to eat to maintain proper health and growth. Feeding bearded dragons is easy since they are omnivores.

A bearded dragon’s diet can contain both plant and meat-based foods. This means you have a wider selection of foods that you can offer them. This prevents the bearded dragon from getting bored of monotonous foods.

You can supplement the insects that your bearded dragon eats with fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet can help the beadier grow better. You get to experiment with different foods until you can develop a feeding routine your pet likes.

Easily Manageable Size

Bearded dragons, even when fully grown, are medium-sized pets. This is convenient for many homeowners who don’t have giant houses. The medium size makes the bearded dragon small enough not to take up much space and big enough for kids to handle easily.

Snuggling and carrying bearded dragons is easy since they are not heavy. Bearded dragons grow rapidly in their first year until they reach their full size. After they mature, they do not grow significantly, so they remain the same size throughout their life. You can let them stroll around the house with supervision. Bearded dragons can do well outside for walks with the right leash.

Ease Of Care

Pets need adequate care to thrive well among humans, but they can become a bother if they need excess attention. Bearded dragons are easy to take care of since they are not susceptible to many illnesses. You will not require extensive husbandry skills or equipment.

Caring for bearded is simple: you only need the right habitat and foods to help them thrive. You should fit bearded dragon cages with UVB lights for them to bask in and retain heat. Bearded dragons are fairly clean, so keeping them or their house spotless is easy. You can remove the droppings, unwanted food, and water and replace them in no time.

Great Life Expectancy

Because of the bond that pet parents form with their pets over time, most may not come to terms with their pet dying. Bearded dragons have a reasonably long lifespan, meaning you get more time to enjoy their company.

To maximize their life expectancy, you can offer proper bearded dragon housing, nutritional foods, and regular veterinarian checkups. Remaining consistent on all these will help to make sure the pets live a healthy and long life.

Intelligent and Entertaining

Bearded dragons are intelligent, so they can learn and develop over time. You can train them to learn new communication techniques. With the right training approach, bearded dragons can learn how you call them or even how to walk on a leash. They are capable of developing connections and can recognize owners.

Bearded dragons are playful by nature, which makes them fun to observe. Some activities they enjoy doing include hunting, perching, and swimming. You can give them some toys they enjoy playing with, but make sure they are not small enough to swallow.

Find the Best Bearded Dragon for Your Reptile Enclosures

Having the right reptile enclosures and feeding them are among the husbandry skills that can help a bearded dragon develop. Their ease of care and docile qualities make them a perfect pet for most beginners. Bearded dragons’ playful and affectionate nature allows you to bond with them throughout their lifetime.

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