5 Facts You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: With the world going through a revolution with every passing day, the medical scenario and the scientific possibilities have taken a massive jump from where we were just a decade ago. The world today has answers to almost everything around you and has a solution to it as well.

Nothing in this world has remained a taboo. We are free to express our problems and rather every problem has the right to remain expressed and respect.

Women problems are no more just their problems, it is being talked all over the world now without any hesitation. As we talk about this, let us bring light to something very common but less talked about in today’s world, that is, breast augmentation.

According to a survey, more than half of the women who had undergone breast augmentation and those who were considering the procedure thought about the decision for at least 3 Years before proceeding.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is basically the enhancement of women’s breasts to enhance the size and shape of them.

There exists a lot of reasons why actually a woman might opt for breast augmentation, these reasons include having a significant asymmetry or have experienced the loss of breast volume due to pregnancy or weight loss. Or maybe wants to enhance their breast shape and volume and create more balance with the rest of their body.

A silicone shell that is either filled with a cohesive silicone gel or saline (saltwater) is known as breast implants. In addition to it, implants vary in shapes and sizes. But the decision on which implant an individual would want to go for will come down to aesthetic goals and personal preferences.

What are the facts one should know about Breast Augmentation?

1. Uncovered Insurance

It is something rare to find an insurance company considering surgery as medically necessary and hence your surgery might not get cover.

Instances, when breast implants are part of the breast reconstruction process after undergoing a mastectomy, are covered by insurance companies.

Also, insurance might sometimes pay if the breasts are too large that they create symptoms of neck pain, back pain, or rashes under the breasts.

2. Never go for “less-invasive” procedures

However, it is tempting to go for a procedure like fat grafting to achieve your desired look but fat grafting is harder to predict than the ones from a traditional breast augmentation.

This is because thirty to fifty percent of the fat will not survive, thus, it becomes difficult to know which fat will and will not survive, hence, altering your results.

3. Know the incision to be used

There are four main types of incisions that are use during breast augmentations: transaxillary, inframammary, areolar, and trans-umbilical breast augmentation also known as TUBA. Those terms mean the incision will either be in your armpit, the crease under your breast, your areola, or, in some cases, your stomach.

Keep in mind that if you have a very small areola, that might make areola incision more difficult, thus, you are expect to discuss this with your doctor before they use it on you.

4. Doctor’s Social Media presence

A social media presence can make you well aware of a person’s ideologies and personality. Similarly, these platforms can be a good indicator of the kind of doctor you are going to. If a doctor utilizes his work as an entertainer or for a shock factor, it tells a lot about his professionalism, in other words, popularity is more important to them than patient care.

Always remember, the results you might see on a doctor’s feed are not always indicative of what your results will be.

5. Do not overly size up

Before you go for breast augmentation, you are to ensure that the implant you select is conservative and not too large for the size of your anatomy. An estimation says that thirty percent of the errors made in breast augmentation come under incorrect size selection.

Also, if your doctor does not advise you on the maximum size you can reach safely without any medical complications, then it is a red flag. An implant too big for your body can cause your breast tissue and surrounding muscle to become thinner which is irreversible.

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So, these were a few major facts you must be aware of before going for a breast augmentation. This is to ensure that you do not make any wrong choices and can talk freely about it to your doctor.

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