Your X Best Tips for a Better Uber or Lyft Trip Experience



Most people want to get from Point A to Point B easily and cost-effectively. The ridesharing industry picked up steam in the late 2010s. Entering 2022, it remains a popular transportation option. With a market share worth $61 billion, 25% of the American population uses a rideshare service at least once a month. Worldwide, Uber has a driving force of 3.8 million.

Rideshare services existed before Uber and Lyft. Cabs, taxis, and carpools evolved. They became the latest version through technology and software. The difference in 2022 is that rideshare services rate their passengers.

Plus, many drivers provide passengers with amenities such as snacks, bottled water, and mints.

We outline your seven best tips for a better Uber or Lyft trip experience.

1. Pick the Right Option

Passengers use rideshare services for different reasons. Concert venues, sports stadiums, and festival organizers have accepted that attendees want to save on parking and gas. Therefore, organizers set up the pickup and drop-off spots.

Others use the services to go grocery shopping, pick up merchandise from retailers, or arrive at appointments.

Thus, a great experience starts with picking the right service. For example, Uber offers:

  • UberX
  • Uber Pool
  • Uber Comfort
  • Uber Black

Each has a purpose. If you need a ride after grocery shopping, book a van instead of a passenger vehicle.

2. Use the Fare Calculator

To avoid surprises, use the rideshare service fare calculator. The calculators accurately provide an estimate. Thus, you can prepare beforehand.

Then, you can budget the rest of your trip. More importantly, you can pay for your ride without any problems.

3. Request the Ride When You’re Ready

To experience better rideshare services, ask for the ride when you’re ready to take it.

The sharing economy only works when participants remain considerate of each other. Humans optimize the system. Technology makes the infrastructure possible.

Keep in mind that rideshare drivers seek to maximize their income. When they arrive, they expect that you’re ready to go.

Driving is a privilege since it bears so much responsibility. A disgruntled rideshare driver poses risks to their passengers.

If you find yourself involved in an Uber or Lyft-related vehicle accident, you have recourse. JT Legal Group offers a guide on what to do next.

4. Provide Accurate Pick Up and Drop Off Information

When you request a ride, help the driver find you easily. Enter the correct pick-up and drop-off information.

If you need a pick-up from the concert, sporting, or festival venues, find the designated rideshare areas. This will help your driver find you quickly.

Next, stand near a landmark or a place that has the address posted.

5. Confirm the Driver’s Identify Before Getting In

For safety reasons, confirm the driver’s identity before getting into the vehicle. Also, use your judgment.

It’s healthy for people to rely on their fight or flight instincts. If you sense danger, skip the ride.

6. Practice Your Manners

Rideshare decorum unofficially states that the driver and passenger will engage in polite small talk. Some drivers have stories that they want to share. Whether or not you should reciprocate depends on your mood and the trip length.

If you prefer not to share a story, encourage the driver to keep talking. However, ensure that they do not distract themselves from their task.

Whether you want to chat or you prefer to let the driver talk, practice your manners.

7. Respect the Driver’s Property

The Golden Rule applies to most situations where human interaction takes place, especially in the sharing economy.

Car maintenance and interior detail are two expenses that rideshare drivers incur. To keep their costs down and your experience great, respect the driver’s property.

Taxicab and rideshare drivers will tell you stories about the odd things that people do in general. They see more of this behavior when picking up at specific events or at certain times of the day.

Some drivers stay away from picking up drunk, high, and rowdy passengers. If you find yourself in this state and need a ride, do your best to control yourself.


The difference between taking a cab or rideshare service to your destination is that the ridesharing services give you a rating. You can have a great experience with Uber and Lyft. By considering the above tips, you will arrive at your destination without any issues.

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