Your Five Step Guide to Building Fitness Goals in the New Year

fitness goals

As we approach the new year, the realization that 2023 is right around the corner is dawning on many of us. The last few weeks of the year always seem to be especially chaotic. However, the end of this few-week flurry of activity is marked by New Year’s Eve, which will officially send us into another year around the sun.

For many people, the beginning of a new year marks a moment of celebration and reflection and a moment to look forward and set goals for the months ahead. As such, there’s always a massive wave of fitness commitments that people make in the name of a New Year’s resolution.

However, many abandon these commitments not even a month or two into the new year. To avoid abandoning your fitness goals, whether you want to master the Bulgarian split squat or want a set of sleek washboard abs, follow the guide below to help you build and stick to your fitness goals for the new year.

1. Identify Your Goals

One of the first steps in setting your fitness goals for the new year is to think about them; this is crucial because it makes you go beyond the generalization of, “I want to get in shape.”

Instead of developing a plan for a non-specific health goal, you should spend some time defining what being in shape means to you. This will help you in the actual pursuit of your goal.

Everyone is different, and so are their health and wellness goals. Some people are trying to add muscle mass to their frame, and get stronger, while others are simply working on a maintenance program, and others are working toward leaning down and losing weight.

Knowing where you are in your health journey and having a strong understanding of where you want to end up will help you create and execute an action plan that progresses you toward your ultimate health and body goals.

2. Create an Action Plan

After defining your goals, the next step is creating an action plan. This is how you turn your personal goals into personal achievements. First up, you will want to decide on a workout time. Dedicating a certain day to working out and exercising will make it easier to integrate that into your routine and eventually form a habit. Some people find it easiest to get up early and exercise before they start their day. Others, though, like to work out after getting out of work to blow off steam after a long day.

It doesn’t matter what time you decide to schedule your workout as long as it works for you.

Beyond scheduling, you will also want to align your action plan with your goals. In that way, if you want to grow your booty and improve your leg strength, you’ll want to design a workout routine focusing on building your glutes and improving leg strength. This also means you’ll want to work on lifts like bulgarian split squat alternatives, pulse squats, hip thrusts, and deadlifts.

If you want to lose weight, on the other hand, you’ll have a more cardiovascular focus on your workout. Do thorough research and pick a workout plan that aligns with your goals.

3. Focus on Consistency

No matter what your wellness and health goals are, consistency is the ultimate key. After you’ve identified your goals and created an action plan to help you meet them, simple consistency is the last element you need to succeed.

Whether you’re working out 5 days/week or 3 days/week, putting in consistent time, work, and energy, is the only way to reach the health goals you’ve set for yourself. Remember, a gym journey is never a sprint and always a marathon.

4. Monitor Your Progress

Once you’ve started a regular workout routine, it’s time to start monitoring your progress. You might not see results overnight, but if you’re new to fitness, you may start seeing results in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Be patient with yourself and your health journey, but be proud of the incremental progress as you make it. After all, life is all about the little victories.

5. Continue Setting New Goals

After spending a few dedicated months consistently adhering to your gym routine, you may already be within reach of your initial health goal for the new year. If that’s the case, congratulations are in order!

However, don’t lose your motivation here. Instead, you can take this chance to set a new goal for yourself to work towards.

A few Final Thoughts

Establishing a regular workout routine is integral to staying healthy and living a long life. Use the tips and planning methods above to help you build and reach your fitness goals in the coming new year, so go ahead and break out those workout shorts and get ready to get sweaty!

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