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What To Do If You Have Been Attacked By A Dog


Dogs are one of the most admired pets around the world. They are loyal and usually well-natured. A well-socialized dog will not likely be aggressive toward you or other dogs. However, dog attacks do happen, and they can be traumatizing for everyone involved. Usually, a dog attack will happen when the animal is scared or feel that it cannot escape a situation that is making them feel uncomfortable. In other cases, it happens when they have past trauma. If you have been or fear being involved in an attack by a dog, then here is a little advice.

Making a claim

If you have been bitten by an owned dog, then there is every potential that you may be able to claim for any injuries that you have sustained. Trusted lawyers, like Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers, will be able to help you form a case that can help pay medical bills, any time off, and any emotional damage. It is important to remember that dog owners have a responsibility to protect others from their dogs, you have three years to make a claim and you can sue an organization rather than just an individual. One thing that you should bear in mind is that the future of the dog is in your hands. It may be put down depending on its history or the circumstances of the attack.

When can you claim?

You can make a claim if somebody else’s dog bites you and caused you harm. It does not matter how serious or how minor the injury is. Many laws indicate that the owner has a responsibility to protect others from their dog regardless of whether that is at home or in private. Generally, a claim needs to fulfill certain criteria. These include Proving that the dog bite happened in the last three years, proof that you were physically injured, and proof that the injury was caused by somebody else or an organization that you are not involved with. It is good practice to get as much information as possible if you are bitten such as the owner’s insurance details and personal details.

What to do at the moment?

If you have been bitten by an aggressive dog, then the first thing you should do is to remove yourself from the situation and make sure that you are safe. Once you are safe and the situation has been calmed then you should seek to find the owner and get their insurance details. As well as this, you should seek out any witnesses who may have seen the event and get their contact details as well. On top of this, you should contact the police and get them to have written records of what happened. Finally, if you need medical attention then you should head to the hospital. It is worthwhile to take photos of your injuries before they are cleaned and healed.

What kind of injuries do dog bites leave?

Dog bites can be surprisingly savage as well as really minimal. They range from puncture scars and wounds, broken bones, facial injuries, neck problems, eye injuries, nerve damage, and emotional trauma. Unsurprisingly, the seriousness of your injury will affect your compensation. It is worth noting that some dogs may have rabies which can pose a serious risk to your health. Albeit this is rare, you should still investigate the possibility of contracting it.

Where can you claim a dog bite?

You can claim a dog bite whether you were at home, out at the park, or even at work. For example, if your work has guard dogs or other dogs on site then it is their responsibility to keep those dogs under control and to ensure that you and your colleagues are safe. If you are attacked by a dog at work, then the claim would be paid by your employer’s liability insurance rather than from the employee who cares for the dog. It is vital to know who is responsible when dealing with dog bites and whom you are actually suing.

Dog bites

These are awful events to go through that nobody wants to think about but unfortunately, they do happen and more often than you might think. There are plenty of things to consider when this happens to you but importantly you need to make sure that you are safe first before considering legal action. If you have the evidence, then it may be worth pursuing a claim.

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