What Dating a Sagittarius Looks Like


Sagittarius, the sun sign for people born between November 22 and December 21, has the archer as its symbol. It’s no surprise that their goal-driven personalities and outgoing social skills make them desirable partners. However, there are unique challenges to dating a Sagittarius you should know about beforehand. A Sagittarius love horoscope can tell you what might arise from a specific day, but this sign also has some overarching features that shape the way their relationships tend to look over the long term.

Buckle Up for Some Adventures

An archer is never content with hitting just one target. Sagittarius is always on the lookout for the next goal to achieve or obstacle to overcome. This sign is never content to let a long-term relationship lock them into a predictable daily routine.

This Sagittarius trait can be incredibly healthy, though. It’s important not to take your partner for granted or stop growing just because you’ve found love. Be open-minded to adventures, vacations, challenges and new experiences with a Sagittarius partner and avoid any attempts to clip their wings.

Communicate Through Honesty

Sagittarius is a straight shooter. Hints, silent power struggles or expecting them to simply “get” what you want instinctually aren’t the best way to approach this sign. Psychic readings for Sagittarius often tell this sign to “just ask” instead of attempting to analyze what’s going on without a clear picture.

Let a Sagittarius know what they can do to help you, and this sign is sure to come through. Honesty and a clear path forward will bring you and your partner closer together and earn Sagittarius’s lasting respect.

Actions are as much a part of honesty as words. Sagittariuses can become confused if what you say doesn’t always match what you do, even though that’s not necessarily a sign of dishonesty. Keep your partner up-to-date if your circumstances change and your former statements about habits may not apply for a while. Proactive and honest communication is a valuable skill not just for dating a Sagittarius, but for all long-term relationships.

Lean On Your Sense of Humor

Sagittarius is a fire symbol, like Aries and Leo. While all fire signs are passionate partners, they can often struggle with vulnerability, self-reflection and serious conversations.

One great way to bond deeply with a Sagittarius is through humor. Inside jokes foster closeness in a way that won’t send Sagittarius into a cold sweat like a long talk about their feelings might. Keep up the daily rapport with jokes and banter to keep a Sagittarius interested and at ease with you.

Plan for the Future Together

Sagittariuses make great partners because they’re reliable and goal-driven. Make that strength part of your relationship by solidifying life goals and pursuing them together. You can even consult a psychic together by browsing California Psychics reviews.

Dating a Sagittarius may be challenging for those who are used to nights at home and pouring out feelings in a relationship. However, these exciting and honest relationships often form a healthy lifelong bond.

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